Tuesday, July 28, 2009

why camping is so fun

we've just returned from a weekend up at big sur. camping is such a funny thing. it takes quite a bit of preparation, you get super dirty and most of the time you are inconvenienced. yet, we often willingly impose this on ourselves all in the name of fun. and fun is just what it is for us rodgers. i reckon one of my favorite parts is getting soooo dirty, and then taking a 2 hr shower when we get home, just to make up for lost time.

camping has become increasingly streamlined in so many ways for us. after a few trips of trial and error, we've become quite efficient and the packing and unpacking part of the trip is relatively seamless. however the one area we always seem to be juggling and rearranging is the sleeping bit. we've had 3 tents in the last 2 years, and borrowed vehicles on at least 2 occasions. even when our precious EV was working, we never really took advantage of sleeping in it. this time however the engineer roared its voice and b rigged up the eurovan for all 4 of us to sleep comfortably in. it was pretty cool and you can kinda see from the pictures just how comfy we all were.

although the weather wasn't totally cooperative, we got a few rays over the 3 days, but mostly your basic big sur fog. it didn't stop the kids though, they got right in their suits and got into it at sandollar beach on saturday afternoon. in addition, b got some fun waves, and according to him, possibly the only barrel of the day. though it was just us friday night, saturday morning the motts joined us for their inaugural camping trip. they brought all the shiz we forgot, not to mention some entertainment for the kids... and of course lots of baseball.

all in all it was good friends, good food, and good times, and a few tic scares.

enjoy the pictures....


mom/popfoote said...

i miss my vanagon

kellieacosta said...

i sent an email a week and a half ago but not sure if you check that email anymore. let me know if you got it! if not, i will relay what i wrote. hope all is great. wish we could go camping with you and the fam!

leah-prendez said...

the kids are getting so big! oz looks like a little man now. your kids are cute - i like em.