Thursday, October 8, 2009

bitterness runneth over

my husband rarely sits still. he is the opposite of idle. if he's not working on our neva-ending house, surfing, running, checking the surf, mountain biking, or mowing the lawn-- you still won't find him loafing on the couch. i've seen him nap maybe eight times in 10 years. to put it lightly, the dude is always doing something.

for someone like me who's hobbies consist of sitting on the couch, reading, bronzing and 49er football, i sure can seem like a real loser. yet i digress... this post isn't about me, i think.

back to b. so, even though he has a truckload of hobbies to engage in, he's always looking for the next big thing. a couple weekends ago he and 3 of his buddies loaded up their shiz and headed to the american river to try their hand at river rafting. now, i'm not one to brag, but on our honeymoon in NZ, b and i not only went bungee jumping and black water rafting, but we also river rafted the highest (14 ft) commercially rafted waterfall. i know, i'm kind of a bad ass... so how fun could a water rafting trip with his buddies really be?

when b and his buddies decided they'd do this, they took all the necessary steps- as in got permission from their wives.

now did i mention i'm 9 months pregnant, and i've got 2 kids? did you know that picking up hot wheels and doll clothes-- let alone putting on my shoes is a real struggle? *did you know that this "little weekend away" translates into 3 bedtimes alone, 8 meals alone, and worst of all 3-4 hours of getting our daughter to poop.* now i'm not trying to act like a martyr here, but really i just want you to understand where i'm coming from.

needless to say, surviving each week in my 'condition' is no easy feat. so to have b leave for the whole weekend (as in get home at 11pm sunday night) all to just start it all again solo monday morning was more than a sacrifice. not to mention hours of having to feel a bit crazy all weekend wondering if he was even still alive...

so to have him come home all fired up about river rafting was a bit much. i shouldn't have been surprised at his new found enthusiasm. afterall- nothing like a new hobbie right?

but...looking up videos on youtube of all the different "big" rapids he went down (cuz to be honest the footage they captured looked like the hot tub at kennedy with the jets on), and telling me how much beer they got to drink was a little more than i could muster up enthusiasm for.

did i mention i haven't had a drink in 9 months?

...staying up to the wee hours of night researching river rafting equipment, and places to go in the 'off-season'....


i know i sound like a a whining, bitter wife dripping faucet. and most of you are thinking, 'get over it you selfish biaatch'. and maybe you're right. i should be a little happy for him. he had fun-- he's got a stressful life - having to sit at a desk all day making important decisions about temperature...

and really, if i'm completely honest, after seeing their little video about the weekend, i may or may not have cracked a wee smile and felt just a twinge of happiness for him... which is good. i'm glad they had their adventure, their pictures, their beer and their fun. cuz really...

he's. never. leaving. again.

*i was not completely alone... my mom - like always- came through for a significant amount of the trip... but i was alone for the worst part... the poop.*


Soderin Family said...
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Soderin Family said...

i'm laughing really loud right now!!! i told eric the same thing...,"glad you had fun cause you're never leaving again!" then i changed my mind and decided to negotiate a trip to my parent's cabin sans kids and the husband to have a girl's weekend. i also secured a trip to bacara for mother's day. that's what you get for saying you'll be home between 4 and 6 and not even calling me till 5pm!
in all truth, i'm glad they had fun. we are really blessed with such helpful husbands!!! our house would be a dump if it weren't for eric.
tahoe 2010 baby!!

Mama G said...

i love that i'm not the only wife in that boat! when dylan left for a weekend camping trip a few weeks ago i was left home with my two kids and his grandma who lives with us.... who happened to fall in the middle of the night and break her butt so i had to deal with firemen, paramedics, inlaws and a very awake toddler at 3am... on his third night away. then he didn't happen to be able to make it out of the campsite until the afternoon, thus arriving home at bedtime. yup, he's NEVER leaving again!
here's to being 9+ months pregnant and getting away with mood swings!

Cameron Ingalls said...

ahhahha.... awesome story. you are rad!

erin said...

great post. i've told bill several times that he's never leaving again, but he still seems to keep trying to plan a trip. i've also been feeling bitter lately - i mean, when you think about all that we do in a single day and compare it to sitting at a desk and going out to hard can that be??