Tuesday, February 24, 2009


(the relevance ends after the facebook bit)

if this video in any way depticts what i'll become, count me out.

so whats the deal with facebook anyway. everyday when i check my email i read, "---- has added you as a friend on facebook." then some kind of scare tactic like, "if you don't respond that they are your friend we will fill your pillow with cow manure."
naturally, i promptly delete it.

i'm not trying to boycott or hate. i just don't understand it. at one point i must've made a profile or something, cause i just went there and logged in.

it was there that i saw like 53 people practically begging to be my friend. to be honest, it kind of felt like high school again. heh.

i recently overheard someone say that they don't even check blogs anymore, that facebook is soooo much better- expedient even. i even have one friend who had to resign herself to only check it after her kids go to bed! can i really open myself up to such an addiction?


am i really so out of the loop?

call me old fashioned, but i really like the blog. maybe its just because i like to hear myself talk. i feel like with facebook its just to easy. like how hard is it to answer, "what are you doing right now?" with the blog at least there's some originality. with the blog all you got is a blank page... you bring the magic.

who knows...

but my question for you is should i succumb?

to facebook or not to facebook, that is the question.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

where you at?

so i know i'm late in the game, but i just started watching american idol.

not like just last week, but off and on this whole season (its hard cause its on tuesdays and competes with biggest loser). thus we've been watching wednesday night. it wasn't that i was boycotting the show, its just that recently b got us this high voltage power antennae and now we get fox.
i must say i do enjoy it, but for the most part i don't really get it. i cannot tell the difference between a good singer and a not so good. just when i say, 'she rocked that!' simon's there to say, 'you sound like a cat in heat.' its trippy for me to watch these peeps just falling all over themselves- you can just see the desperation oozing out of them, it's kind of pathetic to me- but then again at boo boo's music moment, oz asks me repeatedly not to sing.

which brings me to my big question.

i've seen a few of these shows in my day. as a ween we were wowed by our peers on star search. i so remember being 8, and just devouring that show.. imagining myself up there. b tells me his favorite part about star search was the modeling portion... hmmm. you do the math.

i digress.

fast forward. we have one channel. we've been relegated to america's got talent. kinda ghetto, but we get into it (nuttin but stringz in the house!) as i mentioned the biggest loser is close to our hearts, but seeing as how i've never been 300 lbs, let alone 125 lbs (back brag), i can't totally relate. then there's shows like the bachelor which i've never actually seen, but heard about. in a nutshell its simply a bunch of skanks getting drunk (and i really can't relate to that. wink). which brings me to my real favorite- last comic standing. i think if i had to choose i'd be there. i heart that show. big time. i loved it when iliza took it last season. go chicks.

despite my dear affections for stand-up, i also recognize that there's no way i got the cajones for that bid-ness.

which leads me to the one thing i've always been good at. the one thing that's come the most natural, and one of the most consistent things in my life. sure i can drain the 3, and sure i've been sighted on the pitch on monday nights, and many of you have seen me yogging about the town. but do i really have what it takes? all i know is when i watch it, i feel this surge... my blood gets a boilin, and i can taste victory...

with that said, i give you two words.

american gladiators.

i'm so the chick in the front.

now that i've dished, tell me, what reality show brings the best out in you?

Friday, February 6, 2009

rainy day schedule

so on tuesday we spent hours at the sunny beach frolicking in the tidepools. today its official: rainy day schedule in effect. i used to love the rain.... back when i could sit around watching movies all day. now i loathe the rain. cause that means i cannot take my toddlers outside. and to top it off i'm committed to staying home all day... so by 10 we'd already watched sesame street, took baths, colored, blown up the bounce house and ate breakfast. i decided that was enough parenting so i reclused to my computer. the kids were off playing and before i knew it i couldn't hear them anymore. that was nice, till i realized that maybe they were no longer in the house. i wandered outside and this is what i saw...

yeah cute uh? jumping on the tramp in the pouring rain is always a good idea, till the boss falls out the tiny little hole that you enter from and smacks his head on the metal chair (as soon as he fell, i quickly turned it off to spare you my swear words and obvious bad parenting). that was obviously the end of that...

now i'm off to ralph's.

any good rainy day ideas for me?