Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ode to epi... i mean eli

so i wanted to shout out a big welcome to Elias Ceasar Brown- he was born April 28, 2008 comin it at 8lbs 15 oz and 22" long. you may be wondering why he was so big- maybe its in the genes (guatemalan and asian- probably not) or maybe its just because he was 2.5 weeks late. whatever the case, the kid didn't want to come out. i was so privileged to be present at the birth- it was actually really fun, which is quite a change from my own deliveries and the other births i've been to (which only consists of 2- both of lealah's sons). don't get me wrong they were beautiful and passionate and liberating- amazing- its just that they hurt like hell.
in any event- as a trio (jess, lealah and myself) we've sort of prided ourselves on being able to have natural childbirths- mostly b/c lealah is basically a doula. she encouraged both jess and myself to go for it, and really rooted us both along in our battle to bring forth life. but, since ol eli didn't want to come out, jess had to be induced- after wrestling with the decision to get an epidural or not- she finally conceded. we kind of figured she's done it twice naturally so why go through the torture of inducement without some help. it was crazy for us naturals- we were all just hanging out, talking, watching oprah (it was like any other day really). then all of the sudden it was time to push and out he came- no big deal. i must say compared to the trauma of my own births- almost being torn in half (sorry man readers)- the epidural really kind of made me want to have another baby. all that to say, i'm in. if i actually ever decide to get pregnant again (a whole other issue) i will get an epidural.. probably in the eighth month- just to be safe.
what about y'all? epi free, or epi freedom???

Saturday, April 19, 2008


as you all are aware, we had some good ol fashioned fun camping a few weeks back. we packed up the van (sans dvd player) and headed up to fernwood in big sur. with the atkinsons in tow and some active walky talky chat, we made the trek with few complaints from the kids. all in all we had a great time. yet no trip is without its challenges-- mostly in the form of a certain 3 yr old. lily insisted on wearing these crazy (slightly playboy bunny) barbie slippers the entire time- which was difficult for obvious reasons like -we are camping outside. she had never shown any interest in them up to this point, but couldn't seem to wear anything else. and i'm not sure if its just b/c there were so few clothes we packed for her that she felt compelled to change every 45 minutes, or if its just cause she thought we were still at home (where she changes at least 9 times a day). in any event - the clothes and shoes proved difficult, but we did our best to facilitate. oz did great- he seemed to thrive on the great outdoors, spending most of his time throwing rocks in the creek (just a mere 10ft from our site), or trying to get someone to hold his hand to go over rocks or small cliffs. poppy decided she loved dora and didn't have much else to say except for about an hour at bedtime (apparently she hates tent trailers). suz and her bud trevor graced us with their presence at the ungodly hour of 10 pm (1 am when you're in front of a campfire). fortunately we had enough food and gear to feed and shelter the town of harmony- which might've been overkill due to our last camping fiasco. between gobs of food and some good hiking- the trip was a success... i thought i'd leave you with my own little mastercard ditty to tie it all up.

new barbie slippers- $9
outfit changes -57 in 24 hrs
lily discovering oreos - $3
brandon and carter in freezing creek - 3 hour campfire recovery
the waterfall trespassing- $200 ticket
picnicking on side of highway 1 around a blind corner on carters tent trailer- $500,000 in hospital bills
kids napping the whole way home- no monetary value
having enough stuff to survive for 2 months- $600
unpacking and cleaning for 4 hours- $25/hr
lifelong memories with the kids- priceless

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

really, will you always?

i'm not gonna lie. my son is obsessed with me. the kid wants to be on me like every minute of every hour of every long... weekday day. if i'm in sight- he's on me like pantyhose on a mermaid. i know this is sounding pretty characteristic to most of you out there... like really, what kid doesn't love his mama? well, i can tell you one kid who didn't love their mama like oz- lily. i mean she really liked me and wanted me, but really, with him, its sort of ridiculous. if i'm sitting on the ground playing with them (cause really when am i not) he'll go play with some toys for a minute and then just pull himself up on my knees and nuzzle his snotty nose (lately) all over my shirt... over and over and yes, over.
don't get me wrong. i'm not trying to sound ungrateful for this lavish affection, its just that a girl (mama) needs her space. and really, i sort of feel a bit apprehensive. cause sooner or later (at this rate, likely later) the kid will get over me like water off a ducks back. pooof. one day he'll be married and gone- enslaved to the wants and desires of his bride. which, might i add is a good thing. i really am so thankful my husband isn't a mama's boy. or am i? selfishly, i'd like to think ozzie's undying affections for me would last well into high school, college... marriage? what's healthy with boys? i don't know... i've obviously always been a girl, and able to have a long standing, brilliant and real relationship with my mom... but as for my brother and my mom??? it's great, but def different. so anyway, all you boy mama's (which is like everyone i know) what do you think... do we raise em up to be mama's boys, or give em that tough love... and really how do we find the balance?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

ahh the great indoors?

so we are gearing up. literally. (an un-supervised brandon somehow managed to spend a $300 gift card to sears on camping stuff, when they point blank told us they only carry camping stuff online now.. hmm) is a hatchet really necessary, or what about an ipod docking station. anyhow, i digress. the real reason i'm getting this out there is cause i need your help.
picture it; the eurovan (how 'camp' is that) loaded down with sleeping bags (one princess of course), the costco 2 room tent, lots of unnecessary food, a camp stove, those cool camping dishes , ice, beer... you know, the basics. the vans ready, everyone ready to head to the great outdoors... majestic redwoods, refreshing ocean breezes, creeks, rocks, lizards, the smell of campfire.. your with me right? now here we are, kids in carseats, out the door, in the van. here's wherein lies the dilemma. its a 2 hour drive to big sur, do we, or do we not bring the dvd player. it sort of feels like a cardinal sin... what would you do?