Tuesday, February 12, 2008

you've been replaced

oh my, have the tables turned. on a whim, lily and i ventured into old navy to look for a valentines outfit. while our vday outfit was marginal at best, we stumbled across (drumroll please) jelly's.
now if you or your sister never owned a pair of jellys- one- you haven't lived, and two- its really not to late- (let your daughter live the dream).
apparently, even i forgot the supernatural lure of jelly's as i watched my daughter flock to them like a duck on a june bug.

now if you know lily or have at least seen her in the last 6 months you know that she is never caught without her "red shiny shoes." they are an every day battle that i finally conceded defeat. at first the novelty was sweet from adoring bystanders, "oh, you've got your dorothy shoes on!" or "wow, i love those red sparkly shoes, aren't you something else in those!" then as time went on and the sparkle began to fade and the glitter melted away, i heard, "what are you going to do when she grows out of them?" well, most parents are left with one of two choices- either get a new pair just like them, or just tell her it's time to move on. well, once again- with lily there will be no "moving on" on anyone's clock but her own. so in my futile attempt at encouraging a change, i bought her the same exact shoes in pink. they were alluring at first, but after about 11 wears, she was back to ol red.
so yesterday marked a monumental occasion for us at old navy when we came across something that apparently she had been searching for her entire life. i'll be honest, i do fear that the adoration she has for these jelly's may be even greater than what she experienced with her red shiny shoes...
...as evidenced last night when after wearing them all day, she insisted on wearing them to bed. B conceded by putting her jammies on and then the shoes back on- but i had to draw the line at bedtime with a compromise of letting them "sleep" next to her. this morning instead of the usual jovial lily making her way up to our room with the beloved baby josie, we hear cries of frustration through the monitor because she had "too much stuff" to bring up (ie, josie and her new shoes.) B came to her rescue and she promptly got in bed with me with, low and behold, her new, precious jelly's snug on her feet.
oh, i feel sorry for us in 10 years.


Linda Z said...

Wow, I guess I haven't lived, having never owned a pair of these jellies. Since I don't have a daughter of my own, I will have to live vicariously through Lily's experiences! :)
My favorite part about this post, though, was when you said, "i watched my daughter flock to them like a duck on a june bug." Are you part Southern?

Holls said...

well, i have been spotted in cowboy boots... so anythings possible.

The Harper Family said...

I have to say I look forward to the days when I lily and I will go shopping for shoes...it begins with a love for one and grows into a love for many. I've had my share of jellies beginning with a pink pair...

Anonymous said...

Hey holly, i happened upon your blog in a roundabout sort of way and just wanted to say hi. We went to slo high together (ah yes, go tigers)many moons ago. I love your post on the jellies! Those were my very favorite shoes when i was little - i must have had 5 or 6 different colors in a few different "styles." They were the best. That would be cool if you had saved some of your original jellies - you could give them to your daughter eventually and they would be vintage. :) (Did you ever think we'd get to the point where things from our childhood would be "vintage?!")

Take care,

si said...

holls, let b know i just watched the last king of scotland. crazy good. great ending. i don't know how much of that is fact and what is hollywood, but it really affected me. it's the kind of film that sticks with you a while.

shelley told us that oz is a handful now. i've got to see that. tough to imagine. is he still barfing frequently?

kristen pollard said...

really, just when i thought your daughter couldn't possibly get any more darling, she goes and does something like this. i love it. as she made it up to your room, did she already have the unders off and a skirt on too? gosh, she makes me really want a girl. she can wear jelly's in total cuteness and live the dream. and i can remember mine fondly rather than go buy them in my size from UO and try to look cute...and fail. miss you guys. i think we might need to plan another visit to the rodgers house in the near future.

Holls said...

jen- what's your last name fellow tiger- i am trying to figure out who you are!

si- yeah, that movie is crazy- the end like no other! no barfing oz these days- he quit that around 11 months - thank the lord! and yes oz is a biscuit. your bit about milo screaming like a banchi really hit home- oz is sooo loud. most days he just seems like he wants to crawl out of his skin or something.

kris- yeah, she sleeps in THE skirt now- no down time there. it really was to much work to have to change every morning so she just goes straight to the source. and i agree size 7 jellys from urban aren't gonna cut it like toddler size 7. when i told lil i had a pair when i was younger she asked me what color they were, when i told her they were silver, she said, "well, what color shirt did you wear with them?"
come visit anytime- we could use some new ideas- although the oatmeal, salad, and charlie and lola are still going strong!
miss you guys. i almost came to san diego this weekend, but it got to riff raffy- B and his dad are remodeling our whole kitchen this weekend (our garage has all the cabinets, countertop, appliances, sink) its crazy. well he's crazy, so i'm heading up north to hang with my mother in law. will post pics soon!

BagDad said...

the mother in law is crazy too.

Sherry said...

Holly, I laughed out loud when I read this post. You are such a great writer, I love it. Such a cute story.
Let us know if Lilly would like to come visit again, Brooke would love to have her.

Teresa said...

I love the new picture of your family posted at the top. It's wonderful and makes me smile. Thanks for the posts. It's nice getting an idea of what y'all are up to in L.O.
-T Hoffman