Thursday, July 23, 2009

fear no more!!! i really like you.

in light of nbc's new hit series the listener (its utter crap, but the main character is easy on the eyes), and mel gibson's attempt at saving his career in what women want, i got to thinking... what would it be like to hear people's thoughts.

assuming you could turn it off and on,

would you rather...

be a person that can sense/hear people's fears


be a person that can sense/hear people's dislikes?

it definitely feels like there would be less of an intensity if you went with dislikes, cuz you'd just be super likeable when you were able to suggest things to do or know how t0 relate to someone. however, if you could sense people's fears, you could probably do a lot of good in really, truly helping people. i think i'm more inclined to choose dislikes cuz it seems easier, but having kids it'd be pretty cool to be so empathetic if i knew their fears before they expressed them.
so without further explanation... where you at? i sense your fear... don't be scared...


MEGAN said...

If I knew people's dislikes, I'd know when I'm bothering someone, or when they don't like what I'm wearing, if I look ugly. You get the idea, it's all about me, so I'd rather know people's fears.

Tee said...

I think that I would rather know people's dislikes. I know that moving out of California was rougher than I thought it would be cause I was subject to Southern Hospitality - which is great - except that people don't really tell you what they don't like. I love cooking and am always looking for honest opinion. If I could know people's dislikes, I think I could see through the Southern Hospitality passive-agreesiveness a little better.

erin said...

i'd rather sense what people dislike. there's a lot to learn about someone from their dislikes - even the small/petty stuff. it's a good 'would you rather.' i'd love to know what other people are thinking.