Thursday, July 30, 2009

alright, i've sunk too a new low. been feeling un-inspired in the whole 'would you rather' realm, so i've taken to the internet for some inspiration. and boy oh boy are there some dicey ones out there. after feeling a bit overwhelmed by such gnarly would you rathers... i kept coming back to this one-- not without adding my own touch of course.

would you rather ...........

immerse your naked body in bathtub full of live cockroaches


dip nakey noo-noo in a pool of tim mcgraw's tobacco spit?

i know its hard to even get your mind around, but that picture of tim's kinda helping uh? lemme know where you at....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

why camping is so fun

we've just returned from a weekend up at big sur. camping is such a funny thing. it takes quite a bit of preparation, you get super dirty and most of the time you are inconvenienced. yet, we often willingly impose this on ourselves all in the name of fun. and fun is just what it is for us rodgers. i reckon one of my favorite parts is getting soooo dirty, and then taking a 2 hr shower when we get home, just to make up for lost time.

camping has become increasingly streamlined in so many ways for us. after a few trips of trial and error, we've become quite efficient and the packing and unpacking part of the trip is relatively seamless. however the one area we always seem to be juggling and rearranging is the sleeping bit. we've had 3 tents in the last 2 years, and borrowed vehicles on at least 2 occasions. even when our precious EV was working, we never really took advantage of sleeping in it. this time however the engineer roared its voice and b rigged up the eurovan for all 4 of us to sleep comfortably in. it was pretty cool and you can kinda see from the pictures just how comfy we all were.

although the weather wasn't totally cooperative, we got a few rays over the 3 days, but mostly your basic big sur fog. it didn't stop the kids though, they got right in their suits and got into it at sandollar beach on saturday afternoon. in addition, b got some fun waves, and according to him, possibly the only barrel of the day. though it was just us friday night, saturday morning the motts joined us for their inaugural camping trip. they brought all the shiz we forgot, not to mention some entertainment for the kids... and of course lots of baseball.

all in all it was good friends, good food, and good times, and a few tic scares.

enjoy the pictures....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

fear no more!!! i really like you.

in light of nbc's new hit series the listener (its utter crap, but the main character is easy on the eyes), and mel gibson's attempt at saving his career in what women want, i got to thinking... what would it be like to hear people's thoughts.

assuming you could turn it off and on,

would you rather...

be a person that can sense/hear people's fears


be a person that can sense/hear people's dislikes?

it definitely feels like there would be less of an intensity if you went with dislikes, cuz you'd just be super likeable when you were able to suggest things to do or know how t0 relate to someone. however, if you could sense people's fears, you could probably do a lot of good in really, truly helping people. i think i'm more inclined to choose dislikes cuz it seems easier, but having kids it'd be pretty cool to be so empathetic if i knew their fears before they expressed them.
so without further explanation... where you at? i sense your fear... don't be scared...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

body talk

back to the body. seems to be where i can pull most of you out of your silence. it may be a bit similar to some others, but in light of my booming bustline and burgeoning bottom, i'm finding myself confused about what to do with all these curves. i often catch myself in the mirror and think, 'man i could really use some apple bottom jeans!'

so without further ado... i ask you--

would you rather have a perfect body (excluding your face)


a strikingly beautiful face?

this is definitely a tough one for me. in all honesty i've never been a girl who's super pre-occupied with her body, so i'm kind of leaning toward the beautiful face. i know you guys are gonna try and get crazy with 'what if's'... but just take it at first glance. perfect body doesn't necessarily mean ugly face, and beautiful face doesn't mean hatin it body... its just your basic either or.

so lemme know where you at!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

as promised...

so i'm finally getting around to getting my stellar home videos off the flip and onto my computer. lucky for you, the action begins...

for starters, here is a video of just some of the fun we had up at b's parents houseboat. now as i mentioned lily went tubing with the 'teenagers.' just so we are clear my 'world's most cautious daughter' willingly went on an inner tube with 2 teenage girls-- not me or b. who knew introducing her to taylor swift and hannah montana would have such a positive impact. lily is all about 'teenagers'- even if they are not famous as in this case. the video is me filming from the boat and the zoom on the flip isn't exactly capturing the extremeness of the situation... but lemme tell you i was kinda stressed out... lily however wasn't. she was loving it.

this next little video involves one of my new favorite activities... lily hula dancing. i'm suspicious that lily is just as into picking out her outfit (bikini top and skirt- different each week) for hula as she is the actual dancing... in any event, i'm pretty convinced that there are very few cuter things in life than little girls dancing and little boys in striped pajamas... here's a little of both--

lily at her second hula class

Thursday, July 9, 2009

in honor of san luis obispo's annual gay pride festival coming this weekend, i ask you...

if you were a lesbian, would you rather have

Portia deRossi


Lindsay Lohan as your girlfriend?

i know for some of you it isn't easy to get your gay on, but for me this one's a no brainer. and don't try and tell me lindsay's on the fence... once you go dj you never go back! i've mulled over this one with many a friends, and for me, i'm all about the lohan baby.

if you can muster up the courage, i'd love to know where you at... and of course why?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

would ya...

thanks to my husbands extreme misfortune, i am inspired to present you with this very uncomfortable would you rather.


would you rather get stung by a bee on your uvula


get a mild case of poison oak in your armpits?

in case you were wondering, yes, b got stung by a bee on his uvula. not to be confused with another word that can be formed from uvula. he was on his usual lunch time run when all of the sudden in flew a bee and right down his throat. on his way down, he was gracious enough to deposit his stinger in b's uvula. fortunately b is not allergic to bees. so after some moderate swelling, 6 vodka tonics, tweezers and a mirror he was good as gold. stinger gone, bee dead...
as for the poison oak. i am very allergic and have been fortunate enough to have it all over my body and face several times in my life. one of which included an in the armpit experience. it was summer. it was ugly, to say the least.
so where you at... assuming you are not allergic to bees and do contract poison oak, what can you handle?