Tuesday, March 30, 2010

tuesday comes fast

gosh, just when i think i'm gonna have time to write a little somethin somethin, its tuesday again.
oh well. i'll admit its been pretty fun for me to check the ol blog everyday to see what clever fun stuff you guys got for me. after last weeks massively successful question, i feel a bit nervous to try and top it... i was soooo loving all your guys' answers. it was especially fun to hear from some of you who never comment, even if it was about poop, diarrhea or ahem, size... of course i was also loving roxanne weighing in with 30+ years of experience. thanks again y'all. even though all you guys -- don't pretend like you aren't out there-- were to chicken to comment, the rest of you definitely made me smile.

so with that said, i'm reaching my hot little hand into that clever little box and here's what i got....

'should we have a national healthcare system?'

oops! now that we know as clever as this little box is, it does not tell the future...so lucky for you, you get a hall pass on that dreadfully boring heated subject.

because i want to help you conserve your energy for what really matters this week (easter) i'll give you one that has some choices. again, feel free to answer why, or in a lot of your cases, which one you've actually done and how it turned out for you.

'would it be worse to discover your teen had thrown a kegger in your house, slept with her boyfriend in your bed, or wrecked your car?'

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

remember this tickle?

so i'm feeling like our introductory week of tickled to meet you tuesdays worked out pretty good. thanks again for making me feel like i'm not ranting to an empty screen.
this week, i'm already breaking the mold. i'm not even going to reach into that clever little box i didn't invent to blow your minds with some heart wrenching question. instead, i actually came up with this one on my own. its something i'm really excited about and honestly would love it to be something bigger someday.
with that said, some of you may remember a mere 2 posts ago where i gave tribute to my man. with all these kids running around, i often forget my baby daddy. even though i didn't get a huge response comment wise (surprise surprise) i did have a lot of people tell or email how much they appreciated it. though the vast majority were women, surprisingly a few of them were men.
as mothers, i feel like we often forget how much we love romance. after 10 years of being married, kids, work, finances it quickly falls to the back burner. but whether its because you watched cinderella for the first time with your 3 yr old daughter and saw that glimmer in her eyes, or you started reading twilight- we remember, that try as we might to suppress or forget it, we love to be wooed, we love to be romanced, we love to be wanted, and mostly, we love to be loved.
so with that said, i really want to know...

what was one main thing that made you fall in love with your husband/wife/partner so many years ago?

feel free to make it long or short.... you might be surprised at how fun it is to access those memories you've long since thought of. oh and guys (i know some of you are reading)- i'm not making any promises, but if you weigh in-- you just might get laid tonight your favorite home-cooked meal.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tickled to meet you tuesdays

in a vain attempt to try and get more comments hear from my readers, i thought i'd try something new. those of you who have been around a while may remember my fleeting affair with 'would you rather thursdays.' we had a lot of fun, didn't we? tackling some of life's biggest questions... i felt like i really got to know and love you guys...

since i'm fresh out of would you rather juice, i'm gonna take another route in order to whore myself out for validation get to know you guys again. enter, tickled to meet you tuesdays.

for christmas i received a lovely gift from one of the most special people in the world to me... it was this *clever little box* with lots of questions to help make any already awkward situation even awkwarder (cuz that is a word).

sooo, i've randomly selected a question for you and would love to hear your answers. the irony is that the first question i pulled was, 'what extent have you gone to when you had a crush on a celebrity?' since most of you have painfully humiliated yourselves by commenting on my last post, i'm pretty sure no one else has anything else to say in the matter. ahem. rob. ahem. pattinson.

moving on. i present you with...

'what would be one good thing about being the opposite sex?'

oh, and please brace yourself for my husband's answer... it seriously took him all of about 3 seconds to answer.

*this is my veiled attempt to make sure everyone know's these questions are not original. but i thought if i just put asterisks and write really, really tiny you won't read this and realize that i'm really not that clever or funny and didn't come up with most, i mean all of these questions. now forget what you just read and keep thinking i'm funny. thank you.*

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

an open letter to stephenie meyer

dear homewrecker mrs. meyer,

on a dare, and after some serious peer pressure, i conceded to read your first masterpiece. i had some time in between reading 'real books' for my book club, and a weekend in the snow- the combination of the two events made everyone i know convince me i had to give your vampires a try.
upon arrival at the cabin, i tried to resist you. but there you were laying so casually on the table beckoning me with your sleek black cover and shiny red apple. who do you think you are? the wicked queen from snow white?
did i mention this was my kids first trip to the snow when they would be cognisant enough to feel, experience and actually remember? did i want them to think back on their FIRST trip to the snow and wonder why their mom was hiding in the van hovering over a book written for tweens? i even brought a real book along-- on adoption-- on something that really matters... only to kid myself. i feel sorry for you that you make people skip books on adoption to read about boys with golden eyes and large white hands.
it wasn't enough that i was avoiding my inlaws, kids and husband, you wanted more. you got in my head, and tried to compromise my usual stellar judgement. you made me start asking myself things like, 'i can't remember, is it rude to read at the dinner table?' or 'would it be super awkward to ask my mother in law to run to the store and buy some formula for the baby so i could stay up all night and read this masterpiece load of crap?' but i'm pretty sure i hit rock bottom when i was basically drinking strawberry hill (rose wine) and cowering in the corner while everyone frolicked in the snow.
like the sweet, and trying to be understanding family they are, they had to ask me what it was that was so great about these books. which is kind of the worst question ever. how do you answer that one steph? its kindof impossible huh? cuz no matter what you say, you sound like a total douche. you start stammering, wondering how you can make them deeper and more meaningful than the stark reality that we are really just reading a 'dumbed down' version of danielle steel (which btw no one knew was possible)
your're a family girl, right stephenie? i wish i could tell you how much the kids loved the snow, and about all the adventures they went on, or the blast they had sledding and building snowman's... cuz i know you would appreciate it, but sadly i can't. instead, these few pictures will have to suffice. notice how i'm not in any of them? i'm starting to wonder if i was even there. thanks for ruining my weekend, and my life.

your biggest fan,

PS- oh, and you bitch. perhaps the worst part about all of this is that i could have written these stupid books. my 5 year old prolly could have for that matter. i could've been a millionaire, not stuck trying to sling juice plus. you suck. unless you buy juice plus from me, or better yet, let me be your realtor. then maybe we'd be even. otherwise you owe me big time lady... and worse, you owe my kids, and millions others their mom back. how do you sleep at night?

nothin like some yellow snow