Thursday, July 16, 2009

body talk

back to the body. seems to be where i can pull most of you out of your silence. it may be a bit similar to some others, but in light of my booming bustline and burgeoning bottom, i'm finding myself confused about what to do with all these curves. i often catch myself in the mirror and think, 'man i could really use some apple bottom jeans!'

so without further ado... i ask you--

would you rather have a perfect body (excluding your face)


a strikingly beautiful face?

this is definitely a tough one for me. in all honesty i've never been a girl who's super pre-occupied with her body, so i'm kind of leaning toward the beautiful face. i know you guys are gonna try and get crazy with 'what if's'... but just take it at first glance. perfect body doesn't necessarily mean ugly face, and beautiful face doesn't mean hatin it body... its just your basic either or.

so lemme know where you at!


Tee said...

Beautiful face. I think face always wins in the end.

MEGAN said...

Beautiful face. I have 3 friends that are plus size, and are some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. They are drop dead gorgeous. I'd take their beauty in a heart beat.

erin said...

new face for me

zaiahbird said...

definitly perfect body. 'cause i got a strikingly beautiful face and it gets me no where!