Saturday, April 19, 2008


as you all are aware, we had some good ol fashioned fun camping a few weeks back. we packed up the van (sans dvd player) and headed up to fernwood in big sur. with the atkinsons in tow and some active walky talky chat, we made the trek with few complaints from the kids. all in all we had a great time. yet no trip is without its challenges-- mostly in the form of a certain 3 yr old. lily insisted on wearing these crazy (slightly playboy bunny) barbie slippers the entire time- which was difficult for obvious reasons like -we are camping outside. she had never shown any interest in them up to this point, but couldn't seem to wear anything else. and i'm not sure if its just b/c there were so few clothes we packed for her that she felt compelled to change every 45 minutes, or if its just cause she thought we were still at home (where she changes at least 9 times a day). in any event - the clothes and shoes proved difficult, but we did our best to facilitate. oz did great- he seemed to thrive on the great outdoors, spending most of his time throwing rocks in the creek (just a mere 10ft from our site), or trying to get someone to hold his hand to go over rocks or small cliffs. poppy decided she loved dora and didn't have much else to say except for about an hour at bedtime (apparently she hates tent trailers). suz and her bud trevor graced us with their presence at the ungodly hour of 10 pm (1 am when you're in front of a campfire). fortunately we had enough food and gear to feed and shelter the town of harmony- which might've been overkill due to our last camping fiasco. between gobs of food and some good hiking- the trip was a success... i thought i'd leave you with my own little mastercard ditty to tie it all up.

new barbie slippers- $9
outfit changes -57 in 24 hrs
lily discovering oreos - $3
brandon and carter in freezing creek - 3 hour campfire recovery
the waterfall trespassing- $200 ticket
picnicking on side of highway 1 around a blind corner on carters tent trailer- $500,000 in hospital bills
kids napping the whole way home- no monetary value
having enough stuff to survive for 2 months- $600
unpacking and cleaning for 4 hours- $25/hr
lifelong memories with the kids- priceless


zaiahbird said...

I am really crying inside that i missed this trip and will probably will not be going to Big Sur anytime soon since I am eternally pregnant.

kellieacosta said...

wish we could be near you guys! the trip looked great. and the kids are getting cuter and cuter! lily is a dead beat look-a-like of brandon in some of those pictures. gosh i miss you guys -

The Harper Family said...

I can't believe how old Lily looks her hair has gotten really long. It looks like you had a fun time Mike & I are jealous we wish we were there...

Susan said...

The pictures tell it all. The dear, a slug, the fire and of course the incredible group of people!!! You do have a way with words!! The commercial is publishable, in my opinion.

Soderin Family said...

OMG! That place is beautiful. I promise we will go next time...that is if we are invited.


The McCabe's said...

hey Holly-saw your post on our blog :). I usually see you around town ... it's been awhile ... Lily looks so grown up! wow. and you guys are so brave going camping! that's awesome!! lovely place too. it's beautiful.