Monday, June 18, 2007


the rodgers family went camping this weekend for fathers day and for fun. we typically go up to big sur (plaskett creek), but when we woke up sat morning the fog was socked in. so on a last minute impluse we went up to lake san antonio (pretty random). we were in search of warm weather, and did we find it! the temp was perfect and so the kids enjoyed them selves. it proved to be a comical weekend in many regards...

Top 1o things we forgot:
10) silverware
9) a trash bag
8) skewers for smores
7) syrup and butter for pancakes
6) chips
5) a trash bag
4) a bowl for salad
3) camp fire chairs- or any chairs for that matter
2) paper towels/napkins
1) loud and obnoxious rap music, oh wait our closest camping neighbors provided that in abundance... all night long.

Top 10 things we remembered/had an abundance of:

10) diapers
9) salad
8) salsa
7) french presses
6) kids clothes
5) pancake mix
4) graham crackers
3) pancake mix
2) camp stoves
1) marshmellows

to say the least, it was no big sur, but we made the most of it.


Kelly Meirik said...

didn't lily's booty get splinters on it from the wooden bench/table. i kept thinking "ouch." all who have ever lived with me know, i too love being nakey!! way to carry it so beautifully Lil! .
i can never remember it all when traveling. there is always something missing. and if i happened to bring it all then i end up leaving something behind. all my baby einstein videos HAD to be shipped back to us after our Oregon visit.
on a different note, how's the intimacy with our God going? :) leave it to me to let it all hang out huh!

Jennifer Schlenker said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLS! Good Talking with you this am....Feel like we talked more about me..... Love you lots Praying for this next year for you. Praying that Jesus would be the strength, center, Joy and absoulte everything to you this year!!! Love you lots! Make it an awesome day! Happy B Day! Jen

simon said...

way to tag-team my blog. b, you couldn't be more right on with the pre-emptive parenting. who needs a baby bottle drying rack? i use the baby bottle cleaning brush to clean out my the measuring cup for our salad dressing, but i use a sponge on the baby bottles. i've never used the baby monitor, except to eavesdrop on my mother-in-law and her boyfriend. i'm thinking there is a huge market for telling people what not to buy. just pay me the money that you would have blown on what you don't need.

i've gotta say that the wipes warmer is a must. (this is a confession that i like using the warm wipes myself) :) <--smiley emoticon

happy belated birthday, h.

camping with you guys sounds awesome. there's nothing like placing your salad down on the ground to pull the splinters out of your butt.