Sunday, September 13, 2009

sunday school

our conversation on the way to church today...

oz: 'mom, where we going?'
me: 'goin to chuch bud.'
oz: 'don't wanna go to church.'
lily: 'oz, its ok... you can be in my class today.'
oz: 'i wanna be in sissy's class mom.'
me: 'that's fine oz, you can be in sissy's class, it'll be fun.'
lily: 'yeah oz, you'll like my class. its really fun, we have mr. potato head, and playdough. but we also have a time where we learn a lesson about jesus.'
oz: 'oh, jesus.'
lily: 'yeah, jesus. jesus is in our heart (points to heart), but also up in the sky.
oz: 'oh, jesus is in the sky? like god?
lily: 'yeah, jesus came to earth though.'
oz: 'i scarry (scared) of god in the sky.'
lily: 'he's not scarry oz, he came to earth.'
oz: 'why did he come to earth?'
lily: 'he came to earth to come be with us, and to you know, build things and stuff. right mom?'
me: 'yeah, he built things.'
oz: 'like my pecker?'
lily: baffled
oz: 'mom, jesus came to earth to build my pecker right?'
me: 'uhhh, sure bud.'
oz: 'well, did he?'
me: 'yes oz, jesus built your pecker.'

once again, it all comes back to the pecker in the rodgers household.


lynn said...

seriously funny.

The Harper Family said...

mike and I read this out loud and can't stop laughing!

Anna Hosking said...

I have tears in my eyes...this is good stuff.

g2 said...

good lord....what kinda religion you teachin' those country kids of yours..

Dave, Kristal & Wes said...

I was thinking, "How precious" then I kinda felt like Lily- baffled...but of course cracking up!

Marc said...

I am crying. That was good and funny.