Thursday, September 24, 2009

can you please get in touch with your un-crazy side?

the other day my best friend called me to ask me to pray for her son. he fell off a ladder in their house and hit his head pretty bad. they were rushing to the doctor because he started throwing up.

as a parent, there is nothing in this world more terrifying than seeing your child in pain.

in this pregnant brain of mine, i've definitely been getting in touch with my severly crazy side. i'm a pretty laid back person, and consequently a pretty laid back parent. the majority of my days are pre-occcupied with thoughts of how i can get my kids to eat more protein, behave civily, and for goodness sake -- go poop without crying.

however as of late- my former, somewhat peacebale thoughts have been trampled by some more severe topics...

such as...

'why do pedaphiles seem to target little blond haired girls?'

'we are all going to die of the swine flu this winter'

'in the night, someone will probably break into our house and kidnap our kids... and our good for nothing dog will just let it happen'

'brandon will probably get hit by a car on one of his long night runs out in the park'

'my whole family might die in a car accident like the chick from the biggest loser'

this is just the tip of the iceberg.

not that you need any ammo to believe i'm crazy, hey you read my blog right?

i know god is bigger than all of this. i know that when its our time... its our time and really there isn't any point laboring in it. yet i still go back to this place.

is it because i'm under the impression that because i thought of it myself beforehand i'll be that much more prepared if it does happen? not really. i think all of us would agree that there is no way to prepare for a tragedy. that we can choose to live every day in fear of what could happen, or we can take each day and treasure and enjoy what we have... like an amazing husband, and the two cutest kids in the world.

soooo today, i with my best friend will choose life... thank you jesus that he totally okay!


MEGAN said...

You aren't crazy for thinking those things. THEY happen. Unfortunately we will in a world where people get cancer, kids get molested, etc. These things happen to God loving and fearing people.
But, for the record, Ted Bundy raped and murdered brunettes.

Jen Schlenker said...

Holls: Ah, leilah's boys? I hope he was ok. miss you and love you!

zaiahbird said...

aw hols. i got all teary eyed. i have the same thougths too (mostly about barf) but i consider myself fairly laid back. i thought something was off when you were afraid lily was going to get the swine flu from that toy at my house. choose life baby!!!!

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