Thursday, September 17, 2009

i wanna talk about me!

ahhh... back at linnea's for some more "me" time. just been reading my two favorite bloggers... and wonder to myself, "how rad would it be to just write blogs all the time and have thousands of people read it..." one can dream. this blogger is basically my alter ego. kinda like garth's chris gain's... though perhaps not as crude (as in i think it, but don't have the cajones to write it) --this woman truly, truly makes me laugh, and cry. this other one, is my latest indulgence, and though she's in a bit of a rough spot, she is funny as hell.

so anyway we had a fun weekend with the pollards visiting, and though i felt bad-- i did bail on everyone saturday night for a little girls night out. it was over drinks at guissepe's that we solved most of the world's problems, including our own marriages, our sex lives, and discussed some really good books. all in all it was good to get away, with little to no mention of our kids. not bad, for a group of women that has 13 kids between us all. towards the end of the evening i decided to steer the conversation towards something i'd been thinking bout recently.

it came about as i was going through pictures of my kids in their infant days. obviously most kids change quite a bit from birth, but to go from a mess of raging black hair to platinum blondes can be a bit drastic. naturally i started thinking about what tali will look like... will she finally be the one that gets b's striking blue eyes, or my freckles? will she be more mellow, or less girly than lils? i know i've gone through most of this before... but i got to thinking... what if we did get to choose??

so i asked b the other day on a family outing to san simeon, "if you could pass on one physical trait to your children, what would it be?

he paused, thought for a bit and said-- "prolly my back hair.... ha. just kidding. i don't know. maybe my blond hair?"

yeah, lucky you i thought, cuz you pretty much cloned our kids... most days i search for signs physically and emotionally for myself in those biscuits.

then i said, "if you could pass on one personality trait to the kids, what would it be?"

he said, "i don't know... i guess that i'm pretty easy going."

"really?" i said... "i think i should pick this one for you... even though its not really a personality trait, i would def choose your intelligence. i'd be so stoked if the kids got your brains."

needless to say, he liked that.

so then he asked me, and i won't embarrass myself with my first answer, cuz b rolled his eyes and told me i was totally vain. but after thinking it through, i decided my physical trait would be my boobs when i'm pregnant my metabolism- my friends tried to argue that wasn't a physical trait, but i'm gonna stick with it. As for personality... no brainer. my wit.

ha.... i know what y'all are thinking...
"you're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you, don't you, don't you?"

so now that i've succeeded in bragging myself and my husband out... what you guys got? i know that of the 12 of you that read this, half of you were at the girls night and already answered, but you could tell us all again? and lets hear from the other contingent uh?


Kristen Borland said...

so we get to brag... i totally would pick my dark hair and mike's blue eyes. i'm pulling for lola on both of those, but particularly the hair if i had to choose one. and for personality, i'd want mike's easy-going nature and steady faith (okay that's two) and my compassion and passion. okay, that's two as well, but they rhyme and tend to go together, so i think i can use both.

so apparently the way to pull me out of blog silence (and during a migraine, no less--that's hard core) is to ask me to brag about myself. wow, what does this say about me?

The Schmidts said...

SO I would pick my thick hair and Jason's metabolism/body type. (i think my girls got the later already though--5th percentile in weight!) I would pick Jason's wit and my passion for personality. Love your blog Holly! -Rhiannon

Anna Hosking said...

Hmmm. Probably my skin tone and RJ's thick blonde hair. So far Landon got RJ's hair but the exact opposite skin of his mama (that boy is pasty white!).

I would love a kid with my easy going nature but RJ's friendliness. I'm not sure that "friendliness" is a personality type, but RJ can make friends with anyone and people are generally drawn to him; which I love.

Miss Britt said...

LOL - *I* would love to just be able to sit and blog all day, too!

Tee said...

Ok, no kids yet. But when we have em, I'd like for them to have a sense of my spirituality and logic. Physical: my skin color. Of Michael's traits, I would like for them to get his good naturedness and his blue eyes. Something about brown hair, darker skin, and blue eyes really screams beautiful to me.

Holls said...

OMG! I am not worthy of a comment by a famous blogger such as miss britt... i kinda feel famous for like 5 seconds. anyhow- not to discount the rest of you for commenting- i love them all. its kinda fun to hear what y'all love about yourself. be careful, cuz this game quickly can become all the traits you (or your spouse) don't want to pass on! anyhow keep em coming!

MEGAN said...

This is a great question/thing to think about?

This will definitely sound vain, but my husband has a fairly unfortunate skin tone (in my highly critical opinion) it's like a semi-grey color, anywho, I have some light olive skin, I tan easily. Point of this comment, I don't want my children to get my husband's skin tone! I'd also go with my wit/sense of humor, and my husband's patient and calm demeanor. As for looks, other than the skin tone issue, God can have the rest : )

si said...

I'd want to pass along only peeing while sitting down and my love of fruit tarts and shirley temples.