Wednesday, August 12, 2009

big mama

so i thought i'd take this five minute break from my pretzels and pub cheese to tell y'all bout my day. it's not something i've heard before, and frankly i'm a tad embarrassed, but i think i might feel better if i get it off my chest- ahem. well not my chest, cuz i'm likin them lately.

i digress.

rumor has it, i'm 29 weeks pregnant. that puts me in my 3rd trimester. its possible that at 29 weeks i look exactly the same as i did at 39 weeks when i was pregnant with lily. i know lots of pregnant moms like to put 'weekly' pictures up of their sprouting belly. you know the ones-- its taken by themselves in the mirror, making a cute, but not smiling face-- trying to look casual, but they're usually in one of their cuter maternity tank tops- or a wife beater, with little makeup, but definitely lipstick... i got nothing against that, its just not my thing. but since i was able to dig up this picture of me pregnant with lily - taken at about 39 weeks, i thought i'd take a current one just so you could see what a little gordita i've become.

don't say it, i know i look way young here,
and it is hard to tell just how small i am, but this
was me at 39 weeks i delivered 2 weeks later-
cuz lils was a week late.
haven't quite mastered the look, but
i'm trying! oz really enjoying it.

when i was pregnant with lily i never got those wow responses. as in 'wow, you've still got a long way to go!' or 'wow, are you sure you don't got twins in there?' or 'wow, that's going to be one big baby!' with lily, it was always like, 'wow, you are tiny! is the baby okay?' with oz, i got more of those wow you've really put it on comments and looks, but it still didn't really bother me. it was kind of a nice change after everyone being so 'concerned' that i was so small with lily. now i know many of you are thinking, come on holly. how big could you really be? your like a buck - ten with no baby, we don't feel sorry for you... well lets just say today at my 29 week check up with the midwives, our conversation went a bit like this:

midwife: 'well, you are about 29 weeks (pause as she checks her notes) and it looks like you've gained 25 lbs already. hmm, yeah. that's a bit on the high side.

me: 'oh, really? wow. gosh that came quick.'

midwife: 'yeah, you need to start paying closer attention to what you are eating, like--'

me: (interrupting and speaking emphatically) 'oh well, i used to be skinny. really. you didn't
know me before, but i swear i really am a skinny person underneath this.'

midwife: (looking at me peculiarly) 'well, its not a cause for concern yet, just stay away from high fat foods, sugar, dairy etc.'

me: 'oh, okay. yeah of course.'

normally i would've just laughed it off. but after weeks of people asking me when i'm due and me saying october, and them saying 'wow- lay off the moon pies already,' i kinda wonder if they are all onto something.

when i found out i was pregnant with tali, i'll admit i was kind of relieved. 10 months of no exercise, cowboy cookies by the dozen, ice cream for lunch and dinner, extra cheese and ranch... all guilt free. it was too good to be true. feeling like CRAP early on led to weeks of two or more asiago bagels a day, with cream cheese of course. apparently it caught up to me-- fast. at my first dr's appt i had gained 7 lbs. i resolved then and there to go out with a bang. gestational diabetes, hypertension... bring it. i want extra salt, cheese and sugar. all day long. for 40 weeks.

however now that i really am on my way to some serious lbs, i'm kinda starting to wonder... am i going to regret this come october when i push out a 7 lb baby and take home 40 lbs of my own? will the weight really just melt off like it did with the other two? will i look back and think all those cookies and hot tamales were worth it? will i look back and think i should've listened to all those comments of concern about my appearance?

i doubt it.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again... go big or go home.

and pass the pub cheese.


Carolyn said...

Just found your blog through someone's sidebar. Yikes! This sounds like something I could have written...After baby #1 & baby #2 were born i was back in my bikini & skinny jeans within 3 months. But oh boy...#3 was a different story. I gained quite a bit of extra weight with that pregnancy, and while it did come off (eventually) things, um, just haven't quite ever gone back to their original places if you catch my drift. So the lesson is, listen to you doctor! And realize that things may be a little harder, body-wise this time around!

Tee said...

I'm not pregnant and haven't had a baby... But I have to say that when I fell in love and moved to the south I definitely embraced the fried chicken and biscuits... I find it harder and harder to restrict myself from tasty foods just to save a lb. Problem is that I've put on about 20 since I met Michael :( Good thing that he tells me I'm sexy all the time. We both have goals of being "healthier" but I am with you Holly - Go big or go home. Life is too short to not enjoy some deliciousness.

You will be gorgeous no matter how much you put on. It's your nature.

jeremiahblackwell said...

That Pub cheese is damn good. Why hold back... and when you've got the little one out... just add a little wine to that cheese... Can you say glass of Justin Isosceles and a plate of Pub cheese?

erin said...

GO BIG OR GO HOME! i'm with you all the way. if people think you are big, they must have thought i was ENORMOUS! i know you will lose the weight really easily. before you know it, you & lily will be sharing clothes.

BagDad said...

I am tending to lean more on Carolyn's side...afterall, she is the only one commenting who ACTUALLY has birthed 3 kids.

I love you babe! You're gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

That's lame BagDad!

BagDAD-do said...

wai-wai-wait a minute...okay, I guess I should have qualified that last one a little...obviously you don't know me Brandon...and if you knew me you would really recognize how great I am as a, really...I think I have a nobel prize being processed right now. Anyways, sorry...I was merely expressing that I do have a vested interest in long term health and well-being of my wife...she is smokin hot anyways, and I think those few extra lb's might be camped out on her chest...maybe in spot 34d...but I am not sure, anyways; whatever she may be, it is NOT fat and my comments were simply to the end that the amount of junk food we both currently eat (because it is actually in the house at moment) is possibly a little on the excessive side...aANnd I happen to know that the junk food we are ingesting on a nightly basis presents more health risks than just a few extra lb's in the chestal region...and so, in the end you're right 'anony-hole-mouse', I am lame...I want to see my wife live to 97, what could I possibly be thinking?

si said...

Wow, BagDAD-do! That's the most you've ever said on the world-wide-net-web. Ever.

The Harper Family said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Schmidts said...

You are hilarious Holly! If pregnancy weight from baby #3 can come off of anyone, it will come off of you. Live it up for 11 more weeks. -Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

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