Sunday, June 28, 2009

summa summa summatime

i miss you guys. i really do. but i just can't seem to muster up the strength to compose a blogging masterpiece. every time i get a free minute, i'm forcibly drawn to my latest mister... the fountainhead. quite possibly in my top 5 works of fiction, but i can't say for sure cuz i haven't finished it yet... its like 700 pages, so it could be awhile. anyhow between the book, those kids of mine, and being just plain old pregnant and tired, my blog suffers.

so let me take this moment to update you on our recent happenings.

i've spent the last 11 of 14 days in a pool. my hope (which are always crushed when it comes to swim lessons) was to have both the kids in the tiny tot class and me spend that time getting my bronze on. however my kids had another idea. i spent the first week in lily's class, while my mom braved mommy and me with oz. after being firmly asked to leave lily's class, i gave my mom the second week off and spent that time with oz. it actually went remarkably well. though oz remained pretty tense after going under water several times the first week, he came back alive when he got to walk around the shallow end. lily seemed to have the most growth. she was in her class by herself the whole second week, and due to the small class size she often had one-on-one instruction with one of the girl instructors. it was a strange feeling, but i almost felt like my kids were normal for once.

enough about them right, lets get back to me. for those of you who didn't make it to the karaoke, let me begin by telling you you really missed out. turning 30 almost felt okay that night as i listened to the sweet crooning of my dear friends. my lovely husband brandon threw the most amazing party for me, and with the help of my in laws he pulled it off with a bang. he cooked all the food, finagled tables and chairs, decorated, and cleaned up. it was such a labor of love and love is what i felt the whole night. so thanks y'all for coming and showin the love. look forward to some amazing video of some most embarrassing karaoke selections... here are some pics to hold you over in the mean time.

turning 30 didn't just stop with the party, it just got it started. yesterday me, lealah and jess loaded up into erin's car and trekked down to bacara. we spent the day in espresso mud baths and bronzing poolside with ellen and portia. maybe not totally accurate, but it was a day of decadence to say the least.

what's next you ask? well, we leave thursday for b's parents houseboat to celebrate the 4th. though i won't be partaking in any adult beverages, i am planning on keeping my base tan strong whilst i dig deeper into ayn rand's masterpiece. after we come back from that, we kind of around town for a few weeks, before heading up to plaskett for some more camping at the end of july. we get back and are graced by a visit from my brother. heck, then its august where b is in the throws of planning a surf trip to rio nexpa. one last barrel before the reality of baby number 3 floors us. lils and i start up mommy and me horseback riding, and i reckon we'll hit up another session of swim just to keep the kids and myself tan safe.

other than that we've been trying to fill the june gloom days with our own sunshine. much of that has come from lily and oz getting into their alter egos: pj barbie and ken. lily is quite the driver in the ol barbie jeep graciously lent to us by the atkinsons. i came home friday to b giving oz a new do. i must say, he's as cute as ever as he rocks his new haircut... but man does he look like b. here are some more pics to satisfy your curiosity.


Anonymous said...

Oversized white sunglasses, eh? Dammit! My respect for you just went down by like, 25%. That's 1/4 less respect I now have for you.

Holls said...

oh anonymous... wait till see you my tall brown uggs, the sunglasses got nothin on those. and lets talk about respect... really? are you even in a place to judge when your name is ANONYMOUS??? man up sucka!