Thursday, June 11, 2009

for love or academia? an intriguing would you rather...

would you rather...

score 15oo on your SAT's in high school (1600 being perfect),


be able to date whomever you wanted in high school?

i'm thinking most of you are like me and will pick the latter choice... so if you can muster up the courage write down your dream girl or guy from high school and tell me why they captured your heart... though i've got some fellow tigers as readers, chances are they will never read this blog!

i'll get it started. i would def choose to date whomever i wanted. as a freshman girl i was in love with russ taylor. i seriously thought he was it. we had math together (he was a junior, but academics were not his strength), and he treated me like his kid sister. i used to have this old shoebox called the "russ file" and i had really important things in there that he gave me. like his old grilled cheese wrapper from lunch, and the pot leaf he drew me for a report i did on medical marijauna (yes i was way ahead of the times, and he was really good at drawing pot leafs- so it was a win-win). anyhow, i don't know what happened to russ, he didn't finish high school, so the romance never came. but if i could go back in time, i would def forgo getting into stanford for the opportunity to date a high school dropout with a history of smoking drawing cannabis.

so lemme know where you at... got any russ taylors hiding in your closet?


The Calamond Connection said...

I would have chosen the SAT score - probably not a surprise if you know me. I wasn't all that into high school, which is funny since I now teach at one. My dad had always told me that I would go to college and stressed the importance of being "independent" from a man, so for me it was never a decision - school was first. I'm very thankful for my dad emphasizing academics - it allowed me to juggle the social and academic aspects of college really well. =) Cort

Tee said...

I think I would choose the SAT scores. I had a bunch of crushes in high school but I did recognize that most of them were losers. I also had the problem where once I did get close to a guy or start "going together" with them, I wouldn't like them anymore. I think I always like the allure more than the guy. I do wonder about my jr. high crush though - Alejandro "Alex" Andrade. Such a cutie with great hair. Go Tres Floras!