Thursday, June 25, 2009

for fame or money...

alright... in light of our recent economic crisis, i bet we could all use a little spending money. how does 7 million sound?
or are you in another camp? as the funds dry out do you find yourself taking pleasure in the simpler things like family, friends, kids etc?

with that said, i ask you....

would you rather singlehandedly save a child a from a burning building


win a healthy 7 million in the california lotto?

there's a lot to consider... that kind a money could solve a lotta yo problems, but the chance to save someones life is something you take pride in to yo grave. not to mention you'd prolly get to be on ellen. in the words of my late homey 2 pac shakur--- mo money, mo problems. its up to you peeps... where you at????


MEGAN said...

Does the kid die if I don't save him?

Assuming someone else can save the kid, give me the lotto ticket! If not, then I have to save the kid, I don't want being a murderer on my conscience!

erin said...

i'm with megan. if someone else can save the kid, then show me the money.

The Avilas said...

Trav and I are big spenders, so if I chose the money, we would probably blow it on something stupid and then be in the same place we are now.

So I am gonna save the kid.

Then maybe the parents will be so thankful that they will write us a huge check.

it could happen.


zaiahbird said...

because Holly clarified that the kid doesn 't die then I'd definitly go with the money. More money does equal happiness i don't care what those fools say!