Thursday, December 24, 2009

10 weeks yo!

the bigger the hair, the closer to god

chunky monkey crunch...

i'm starving

well now that the baby is almost 10 weeks, i thought i'd do a little comparison shoot.
as you can see from the pictures, she seems to favor lily more than oz, but still seems to have her own look. but then again, lil and oz at 10 weeks looked nothing alike... and now they get mistaken for twins at least once a day. in any event there is one major concrete difference between tali and the other two. see if you can guess????
the word on the street is she just may look like me-- you be the judge.

oh and ps- tali's hair sticks straight up, with no help from us. so if you see us on the street, please don't think we styled it-- i know its hard to believe, but honestly, we're not that vain...


Soderin Family said...

i love this!!! all your kiddos are so stink'n cute. oh, i need to see you hair asap!!!

Tee said...

I can't tell who she looks like yet. But she is very darn cute!