Saturday, October 11, 2008

sum updates sans pictures

so here we are back from a solid week of holiday. last friday (the 3rd) we loaded up and headed down to santa barbara for some good ol fashioned camping at refugio- not pronounced (re-fu-fi-o). anyhow, we had a nice time despite it trying, and succeeding in raining on us. i must say, its quite a different experience camping down south then camping in big sur. i could digress into a lengthy rant about having all of bako camping in trailers across from you, or generators running all night, or a train literally above your head pounding its way through the campground. but i won't, cause it was out weighed by the fabulous company (atkinsons, browns, and wetzels), and the beautiful santa barbara beaches, and thankfully plenty of warm sunshine.
after arriving home sunday, we promptly cleaned ourselves up, did loads of laundry, and rested for our big drive to tahoe monday morning. all i can say about tahoe was it was the bi-zomb. i have reserved a whole separate entry for that, but i am awaiting pictures. they were in hand and ready to upload until b took our card and put them in some crazy card reader his parents had- thus somehow eliminating our pictures. however, the good news is that they are on b's parents computer and hopefully will make there way to this blog for your viewing pleasure.
in other news, we cut ozzy's mullet off. it was quite a task. after rocking him to sleep b came up and cut it off while he laid on me. i can't say how it turned out cause we had to lay him in bed after the job was done. i was quite torn about the cut, but decided that his hair wasn't growing out of the awkward in between time fast enough. update- k, when we got him out of bed this morning- lets just say it wasn't a good thing. he looked like a little girl! he had a severe- but very cute a-line. after some serious gummy bears and barney- we got it looking somewhat manageable (butchered). not quite what we had planned- but too late now! oz's hair isn't the only thing changing. his vocab seems to have quadrupled in the last week or so. he's putting 3 or 4 words together (mostly fighting words for lily), and he finally started saying yes! its not no to every single question any more.
lils is up to the same ol shenanigans. she's in a major bathing suit phase and pretty much insists on wearing a suit everyday. either by itself or under her other clothes. her #1 is of course, a bikini. everyday in tahoe i had to convince her it might snow to get her to wear, or at least bring some other clothes.
in house news...we finally got the backsplash settled on in our kitchen. b got a smokin deal on some handmade tiles at artisan's semi-annual sale, and we arranged to have it tiled while we were out of town. it was a fun little surprise to come home to. again, i will try to get some pics soon.
election update. in my undecidedness, i have made final decision on whom will be worthy of my vote. look forward to that revelation in the very near future.
so that's that for now. i'll try to get some pics up soon!


zaiahbird said...

ooohhh the suspense is killing me...can't wait to see the backsplash...i forgot that was happening.

Anna Hosking said...

My little sister went through a bathing suit phase. We were living in Nevada in the middle of winter and my mom would have to put April's swim suit on underneath her snow suit. We still laugh about it.

I can't believe you drove to Tahoe with two kids. Brave woman! I won't even do that drive with just my husband!

kris pollard said...

i enjoyed the update. i bet the back splash looks awesome. we just had a super mini vacation- but it was really relaxing because it was without kids. our first time away. we went to palm springs for a management retreat with si's work. it was super fun and i & the kids did much better than i was anticipating. it helped that some of our closest friends and my brother also works for the company. so it was kind of like a couples weekend. and i had my first spa day ever. wohoo! but i am really hoping for a family vacation soon. we haven't had one this year yet. i was just thinking about our fun trip to cabo this time last year. miss you guys.