Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dreaming of sunny lake tahoe

i'm pretty sure we'll never be able to camp again. we've returned from 5 amazing days in this pimp cabin in tahoe. from the hot tub, to radiant floors, to whirpool bath tubs, to flat screens in every room - we've officially crossed over. who knew hot running water could change you forever. its funny cause on the looooong drive up b and i were saying that as cool as tahoe is, it's just so far. we really couldn't see ourselves really ever wanting to have a second home up there (cause that's really an option right??). anyhow, that was a big fat lie. the second i swiped my key card and walked into this beauty i knew that i had arrived. i was pretty sure they would have to physically force me to leave.


1) oz started saying yeah! instead of no to everything.
2) oz seen eating meat- its been at least 9 months since we've seen it
3) beebs trying to get nekid in the hut tub
4) the crisp tahoe mountain air
5) spending all day tues at the bomb ass pool (75 degree weather!)
6) getting to see my cousin whom i haven't seen in like 5 years
7) the drive up saw very little melt downs.
8) kings beach... sunny skies, glassy warm lake tahoe water
9) the almost free gondola ride at heavenly
10) waking up to snow- that's right snow- friday morning, and getting in the hot tub with lils to enjoy
11) stopping at non and pops on the way home for a break and some dinner

Not so good
1) upon arrival realizing that oz had been sitting in his own pee for lord knows how long (way overfull diaper)
2) the ice maker on the fridge- no joke even my super big gulp cup couldn't prevent ice from falling all over the floor.
3) our heavenly gondola passes not making it in time- but saved by a young lift operator who hooked us up on the DL.
4) having to leave the cabin

there you have it folks. i can't tell you how refreshing it was to get away. not that life is hard here- but just being spoiled in that cabin was really a treat. the kids were really great the whole time, and B and i got to enjoy some good food and wine. rarely do i go on vacation and not feel like i'm ready to go home by the end. but seriously, i could've stayed there maybe forever... in any event, we're back and life is still good- been diggin this super warm october weather- been getting some good beach time in till the time change (boo hoo)...
anyway, in sum- tahoe- you have my dearest affections. thanks for the memories.


The Avilas said...

Old Greenwood is amazing!

Shelley Blackwell said...

Looks awesome. Hopefully we can still squeeze a camping trip in with you guys at some point. Missing you guys!

Soderin Family said...

oh my goodness, what an amazing place! looks like you guys had great family time. we'll really have to go camping with you guys one of these days!

BagDaddo said...

We are now taking reservations for the '09 camping seasons for those who wish to camp with the Rodgers.