Monday, September 22, 2008

ol ferny round two

so we loaded up once again this weekend and headed up to big sur for some good ol fashioned family camping. i was a bit apprehensive about this trip, seeing as how it was the first time we had camped just us since this fiasco. i'm realizing that camping with friends is not only good for obvious reasons, but mostly for making up all the things i forget. i did pretty good this time, but the trip def wasn't without your basic highlights and lowlights...


1) the weather was insane! not a drop of fog- all sunny skies and little wind.
2) B got some great waves at sandollar on the way up
3) me actually bringing the dvd player for the 2 hour drive
4) a true to form big sur drum circle
5) some berkely coeds 2 sites down playing guitar and singing beetles, monkees, and john denver- all so nostalgic
6) ozzy asking me to sing "jebus lubs me" over and over and over!
7) B telling lil stories about jesus around the campfire
8) B catching a lizard!
9) lily actually trying, then eating at least 3 bites of bacon (as evidenced in the pictures)
10) the big sur river feet from our campsite, and beautiful redwoods overhead!
11) the kids sleeping through the night!!
12) getting home and cleaning the bejesus out of the van, then heading to maya for our traditional end of camping dinner!


1) me putting arbonne's herbal diaper rash cream on the kids faces instead of the arbonne sunscreen (they look remarkably similar)
2) ozzy having a five alarm melt upon arrival
3) the dvd player breaking = more crying than usual
4) a true to form big sur drum circle for a good hour as kids falling asleep
5) almost having to camp next to a family with 5 boys!!! j/k- they were really sweet-but really, 5??!!
6) kids not napping the whole way home... without a dvd player. not a good thing.
7) B realizing, then stressing that our kids only eat crackers for all meals.

so there you have it... def more highs than lows. now we gearing up for refugio in two weeks! we can't wait.


Jenny Schlenker said...

Sounds like a good trip... no blame your kids when they start calling each other " butt face" ha ha! that is something i would pull. Sounds like a perfect big sir weekend! wish i could have been there!

The Harper Family said...

Gotta love camping...diaper cream on the face and all! Wish we were with you!