Thursday, May 22, 2008


we're sort of in crisis mode over here at the rodgers. last night we loaded up for a family hike- kids in backpacks- lily with baby josie in tow.
for those of you that have been around lily in the last 3 years, you know that rarely is she without her #1 girl. baby josie may not always be in her arms, but she's always within an arms reach. not only does lily sleep with josie every night, but josie hangs out in the van when we go places, and even waits in her cubby at preschool. josie without lily is like a dixie without a whistle.
so as we take off i look at lily holding josie... when we get home - no josie. now, here's the mystery. lily is really not the type to drop her without noticing- and not to mention, how could we not notice her fall. yet somehow, short of being raptured- she's gone. when lily realized she was gone last night, we were able to coax her to bed with a backup- but it was definite struggle. while we were laying in bed trying to figure out where she was, lily was quiet... after a few minutes she finally said, "well, this is just a mystery isn't it." well put. i kept my composure as long as she was awake- but as soon as she fell asleep- i practically made brandon go re-hike the trail to find her. he conceded to drive the streets we walked on to get there.. to no avail. i woke up several times last night in a cold sweat- at first couldn't remember why- but then the weight fell on me- our baby is gone!!
so here we are the next day, i'm pretty much freaking out. i'm getting ready to take oz on the hike with one single goal... bring our baby home.
i'll def keep you posted.. but in the meantime- throw one up for us. if i come home empty handed, i'll probably make a flyer...


jeremiahblackwell said...

My first thought was "Enabler."

Then I thought better of that... if Owen had lost all his dirt I would be in big trouble. I would search near and far or climb any mountain to find him some dirt.

jeremiahblackwell said...

Thinking more about this... I hesitate putting in grass because it will cover up the dirt and then they'll bring in dirt on top of the grass and kill it. What a predicament... good thing we've got a lot of dirt, and my boys are not too particular... it just needs to be dirt that can be mixed with water to make "cement" these days.

The Avilas said...

Oh no! That sucks. Precisely why I bought three blankets from Target...I couldn't bare to think of us losing it. I will pray that you find her. I totally get the seriousness of it. I am proud of Lily sleeping without her. Tell her Jenn thinks she is such a big girl!


Joey, Katie & Judah said...

We have a special bunny, and we have an imposter bunny. Bunny is so nasty. He was originally a light yellow, but is slowly going from grey to latte. Imposter bunny may as well be an alien, it's the same bunny but a different color, and clean. Judah will settle for nothing less than the real thing. I'm very curious to see how things pan out with Josie. As for me, I forsee Bunny being a part of out family forever, unless of course he goes missing. I feel your pain girl.

The Harper Family said...

Dani lost her blankie on a walk and Mike & I searched the neighborhood. I found it the 2nd time I searched but the thought of having to put Dani to bed without felt depressing. Attachment is important for children and there are few things in life that bring security and comfort. I think as a parent I should value dani's blankie because it's important to her. In time her love/need for her blankie will fade but her trust and reliance in Mike & I will be established.

I'm glad to hear baby Josie you found baby Josie!

Holls said...

thanks em... it's nice to hear i'm not alone in my kids love for something. and yes- for all who were concerned, josie was found!!!! it was a little sketch, cause i didn't find her till the end of the hike- actually really close to the water- i was surprised the tide didn't take her out- but low and behold there she was, a little dirty and wet but still the same old josie.
thanks for the comments peeps...
sorry you couldn't relate jeramiah- my kids love dirt too- everyday we make mud pies in the backyard- but i know any given day lily would choose josie over mud pies.

jeremiahblackwell said...

I did try real hard to relate, I really did.

But when my boys were freaking out about what cup they wanted to have... and would have no other. (For Owen it was Luigi... Elias was Mater.) Their attachment and inability to drink milk or water from any other cup but the one they wanted was totally lame.

I put all the cups the trash. (Shelley later took them out because she wanted to give them to people who couldn’t afford cups.)

No more Cars Sippy cups for us. Their attachment and importance on the cup was behavior that I thought was unacceptable.

They got over it in about two minutes, and now they don't care what cup they have.