Saturday, May 24, 2008

big sur or bust

so i'm happy to report we had another rockin time camping this last weekend. sat morn we packed up the van with the dvd player in tow- but much to our surprise, it never got any play. the drive to limekiln was significantly closer than our last trip to fernwood. with the browns in tow- yes they had a two week old with them- we made the journey unscathed. we couldn't have asked for nicer weather- 75 degrees in big sur... c'mon! that's unreal. with 4 adults and 5 kids, we made some memories- so here are some highlights.
-lily still wearing her 1st bday "pakini"
-zaiah hiking 2 miles (round trip) to the waterfall
-playing barbies and babies for hours (k maybe a half hour) in the tents
-oz loosening up and eating copious amounts of dirt
-running from tent to tent jumping on air mattresses and screaming
-our own private beach
-the kids pirate faces (in the slide show- zeke's is award winning- mostly cause he looks drunk with all the drool on his shirt)
-b getting his photography skills on with numerous time lapsed photos that all pretty much sucked..
-never enough beer- ben's quick (1 hr) trip to gorda for a $15 six pack
-the bob proving its worth on the limekiln falls trail
-ben eating 2 hot dogs at 7 am.

we had a great time, so thanks to the browns and of course God for our badical big sur weekend.

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Jenny Schlenker said...

Awesome pics. Looks like a great trip!