Monday, September 24, 2007

almost famous

alright... here it is, for those of you haven't seen my 5 seconds of fame... here is the link. click on the video to get all the action.
cheesy as it may be, its well worth your while.
i'm so big time that last night at Giuseppe's the waiter said, "weren't you on the news last week?" i offered him an autograph, but he passed. weird.
anyway, i am featured on the avilas blog, so in case you missed it there, here's your chance.


BagDad said...


Holls said...

you're so vain, you probably thing this song is about you.
don't you
don't you.

The Harper Family said...

I finally accomplished one of my goals to be friends with someone famous! Thanks Holls

Jennifer Schlenker said...

My co workers and I got a real kick out of this one!

kristen said...

crack up. total cheese- perfect for ksby...and you pulled it off perfectly. how was that HUGE "top story" storm by the way??

Eric Soderin said...

Go Rain, Go Holly (and Oliver who was in the peanut carrier)!

Maybe that can be a new song to sing in the Rodger's Mystery Mobile (VW van) while crusin' down LOVR.

Christine Zurbach said...

Did you ever know that you're my hero - you're everything I wish I could be

A KSBY news shot - I'm sooooooooo jealous - I can only dream of making the 11:00 late news spot sharing my take on the annual rubber ducky race at the creek.

Keep on living the dream Holls!