Monday, August 2, 2010

make out mountain

sorry if you've missed me.
i wish i could say i've been to busy makin love like p diddy, but instead i've been busy being in the most beautiful wedding of all time (besides my own) and trying to ferberize my 9 month old.
what can i say, life gets busy.
but oh, oh how i have missed thee...

and though i haven't been hittin the sugar shack as much as i want to, i will say i have been thinking a bit about makin out.

see it always comes back to running.

i realized the other day as i was running in slo that this dang town is sooooo full of memories. on a whim, i headed over the jennifer st bridge, and huffed my way up terrace hill, and when i reached the plateau, the memories came a floddin.'
for those of you who aren't lucky enough to call yourself slo locals.... you might not know that terrace hill is where it ALL went down. since slo is such a small town, there wasn't like old cornfields or abandoned barns for us wily high-schoolers to drink our beer in-- instead we devised a 'hill' that was just difficult enough to climb up to stave off those bored coppers roaming the streets. every few months or so from the years 1993-1997 we would receive 'word' that something was gonna shake down on ol t-hill. so we'd round up some fuzzy navel and our best v-neck and make the trek. when we'd finally reach the top, instead of marveling at the beautiful town below us, we'd try and scope out who was makin out with who, and where the liquor was (we were a classy bunch).
anyway, the general debauchery would continue until we saw those little flashlights makin their way up the path. word would hit, and we would scatter like leaves in the wind-- we'd be trickling down the sides of terrace hill, running through brush, tripping over rocks, all just to avod the 5-o. later we'd call each other and tell of our escape, and who we made it with. other times we'd hear of the not so luckies that landed the dreaded MIP. in any event terrace hill was a big part of my high school experience....
but that's not where i got busted.

3 words: laguna lake park.

now let me just preface by saying there are many places to 'park' in slo in the back of your boyfriends parents 4-runner. laguna lake is not one of them.
picture it: me, 1996. tired of the old make-out spots, me and a boy we'll call 'gunner' decide to mix it up. we start driving around and make our way over to the glorified pond lake. we drive around to the back, past the park, and find a spot. one thing leads to the next (as it does quickly in high school) and before i know it we're in it thick. and not seconds after we round second base, a little light flashes in those factory tinted windows. at first we just ignore it, prolly just a car driving by, but then the light becomes brighter, and is accompanied by knocking and a deep voice. suddenly we become very aware that someone is trying to get our attention, and short of feeling like we're in the sequel to scream, i scrounge to find my shirt as gunner rolls down a window.
officer: 'good evening. what are you doing here?'
gunner: 'oh, just hanging out.'
officer: 'just hanging out huh? are you alone?' as he flashes his light to the back of the car and sees me holding a shirt up across my chest. 'hmm, i see.'
gunner: 'we were a just hanging out, i promise,' as his voice starts to quake and moves an octave higher.
officer: 'do your parents know where you are?' the dreaded words. for the love, please don't call our parents.
after what seemed like an eternity he finally said, 'alright, you kids run along home now, i don't want to see you over here again, you got that?'
a resounding 'yes sir!'
we got our clothes rearranged and gunner started the car.
'whew, that was close huh?' he said.
'yeah, kinda scary. my heart was pounding!' i confessed.
after a minute, i looked over at him and said, 'well, should we head to the airport viewing lot?'
and off we went. you can't stop hormones teenage love, just ask jake ryan.

so with that said, please do tell...

'where is your hometown's best make-out spot?'

or... for the brave few--

'have you ever been caught in the act?'


Brandon said...

caught in the act...twice, by the cleaning lady in Oaxaca...with YOU! A locked door means nothing anymore.

Anonymous said...

Eric asked me to be his girlfriend on terrace hill, but i assure you there was NO making out. Not that we(I)didn't want to.
As far as my home town, the make out spots were quite plentiful.The old door factory, any orchard, and of course someone's dad's shop or barn. You know good ol' country kids.
On a side note, when I dated a guy from SLO when I was in high school, he took me to the airport spot too to "watch" the planes leaving. I guess he was a typical SLO rat.

dr. dre

ParadisoPerDue said...

I can't think of any in A-Town, but there have been a few make out sessions at Fiscalini Ranch in Cambria on a bench and at the Elfin Forest (in your neck of the woods) late at night. Never been caught at either of those places, but your husband's post made me remember being caught making out (fully clothed thank goodness) in our hotel room in Rome. Our door was locked too, but that pesky housekeeping really wanted to make our bed! It was a truly awkward moment!

Erin said...

never been caught in the act although bill's neighbors told us a few years back that they used to see us saying goodbye each night, which translates to they watched us makeout each night. so i guess we were kinda caught.

never made out on terrace hill or laguna lake but bishop's was our spot. we'd either 'park' at the very top of highland or sometimes we'd get out and hike up a bit so there was a good view of the city. maybe bishop's is mission's terrace hill?

other spots of interest: french park, throop park, airport viewing (apparently we weren't original on that one) and even pirates cove once. that was wild.

how's that for juice?

not to call anyone out, but there is someone in my family (who's name starts with A) who got caught. seriously caught.

esther said...

ooooh my. here's mine: top of the hill in my husband's hometown (which looks out over the marina), practicing for the wedding kiss, a flicker of light, a sonic boom of a knock, window down, "can i see some i.d.? ... what are you kids doing up here?" we murmer murmer and then were dismissed. if one could hang one's head in shame and drive at the same time, that's what he woulda done. as it was, i was very interested in my shoes for a while. we swore never to do that again. and we didn' least not in such a vulnerable location.

Lacy said...

I've been caught. Seriously caught. Thank God not by anyone in my family, but it doesn't make it any better. It was....mortifying. I'm gonna leave it at that, no need for details. I don't ever want to relive that moment!

going kiwi said...

The bluff over looking Dana Point harbor was one spot in high school.

Eric and I got caught making out by the neighborhood rent-a-cop when we were engaged. It was pretty funny, he thought we were high schoolers and we were mid twenties....hahaha

Anonymous said...

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