Tuesday, August 10, 2010


once upon a time there was a six year old girl.

this little girl loved sports. this was strange cuz her parents could really care less about athletics, and her only sibling was to much older to really have a major impact on her.
when she was eight years old, her best friend 'dared' her to try a contest taking place during recess. since she was never one to back down from a dare, she walked over to the basketball courts where the contest was taking place. she wrote her name down and waited in line. when it was her turn, an edelrly man handed her a basketball and told her to try and throw it into the basket. since she had never played basketball before she wasn't exactly sure what to do, but knew that somehow she would have to get it into the net. so she dropped the ball down and threw it up underhand - also known as granny style. much to her surprise the ball went in the net. she had to do it 10 more times and ended up making 8 of the 10. a few minutes later that same gentleman told her she had won the contest.
the little girl was shocked.
for at the wee age of 8 she experienced for the first time what it felt like to be good at something. she went on to compete county wide where she took second. thus launching her little know basketball career. she continued to compete in the contests for the next few years, winning at the school and then county level almost every time. when she was 10 she got her big break and made it all the way to the Los Angeles Semi -State Finals, where she heartbreakingly took second.
the little girl quickly realized that she loved basketball. she would go to the recreation department almost every day after school and practice shooting. she would sleep with her basketball and watched micheal jordan religiously. basketball was her world, her everything.
by the time she was 9, she began to realize that athletics came easy to her. why not mix it up? after a brief AYSO soccer career, she decided to take it to the next level.
since her second love was the SF 49ers, which she also watched religiously every sunday with her dad and brother, she thought maybe she'd try her hand at football. the adults around her just kind of laughed at the idea, and strung her along in the expectation the phase would pass.
but this little girl was very stubborn.
and so when she saw signs for pop warner youth football, she threw a massive fit until her mom walked her over to the sign-ups. the good ol boys had a good laugh at the idea and humored her mom-- secretly hoping it couldn't be-- surely there must be something in the rules about girls not playing!
yet they were wrong, and it was then and there that a skinny little girl called holly richmond became the first girl in SLO county to play pop warner football.

with that sweet tale, i'm dying to know....

'what about your childhood wouldn't most people guess?'


Larianne Koch said...

I am a black belt in Karate....hiya!
I want to see your football picture bigger, I want to see the expression.

The Schmidts said...

I took bellydance lessons from 4th-9th grade and even competed in a junion troupe at the Bellydancer of the year contest up in San Francisco. -Rhiannon

The Avilas said...

I grew up shooting guns and am legally deaf in my right ear from not wearing enough ear protection. I also tried out for football, but in high school, just to piss off the coach!


Trisha said...

Who woulda known? Football? I wonder if you played against Paul at all?? Or played together? I gotta ask him. Anyhow..not too much to tell here. I guess most don't know I started to play the violin at 5 and completed at Nationals.I played religiously till I was 16 or so. I should be still playing more often..

ParadisoPerDue said...

um, I played the flute in elementary school, sang in choir one year and took belly dancing and salsa lessons and one flamenco dancing lession. Oh and when I was like 10 my dream was to be an Opera singer- I had an okay average voice but I thought I was meant for Opera!! ha ha!!

zaiahbird said...

i took private lessons for competitive ballroom rollerskating. (i'm being totally serious). I even made my parents buy me 150 dollar rollarskates. i quit soon after that.

going kiwi said...

I was in the opening ceremony for the World Cup Soccer in Stanford, doing Counrty Line Dancing. That is right, I had fringe, ropers, stetson black hat and all for my costume.

Jen said...

I did tricks on horses while they cantered in a circle, like standing up without holding on. It's called horse vaulting. I really can't imagine why my parents let me do that.

Anonymous said...

WOW, everyone is sooo interesting! I grew up on a farm and pruned pistachio trees (I'm talkin like 60 akers) as a summer job. Oh yeah, and when I was a freshman in highschool I won a miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant...it was my first and last. :)

The Calamond Connection said...

When I was 12 or so I discovered I could talk to pigs. No, I'm not the Pig Whisperer, but I can make a very pig-like noise and pigs will "talk" back to me. Oh, I discovered this b/c I was way into 4-H and FFA and raised sheep, pigs, and chickens for like 10 years. Got Grand Swine Champion my Sr. year.