Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a glimpse...

well, now that i am officially a mother of 3 for 1 whole week, i thought i'd share with you some highs and lows of this last week.

high- epidural. that thing was dreamy. look for the complete labor story (that mostly involved me sleeping) to come in the next week or so.

low- tearing... yet again. but not as bad as the other two!

low- having to wear diapers and nasty hospital underwear. tucks. pads, and more pads. for what seems like forever.

high- a healthy baby!

high- coming home from the hospital!

low- coming home from the hospital...

high- seeing my daughters sheer joy upon meeting tali, and my sons amazement and gentle touch with her.

low- feeling super overwhelmed thinking about how i'm going to manage 3 kids.

high- having an amazing husband who can literally clean, feed and entertain his 3 kids and his wife without complaining.

high- stool softeners

low- feeling like i was never going to feel better, and just being utterly exhausted.

high- tali is an awesome night sleeper. mastered the side nurse on second nite home!

low- tali acts like a pacifier is an abomination.

low- feeling like i don't have enough to give to my older ones.

high- my milk came in after 1.5 days!

low- my milk is in. ouch!

high- lily just sitting and adoring tali. asking to change her outfit every 15 mins...

high- seeing my husband adore his new baby girl.

high- (my favorite) on our first nite home at about 6 am tali started crying... in bounds lily with her hair all wild and her hand over her mouth giggling and smiling. i've never known anyone who is so delighted and excited to be woken up by a crying baby...

high- my mom taking the kids pretty much all week so i can just rest and be with tali.

high- meals every other day for 2 weeks!

so there you have it, a glimpse into my life this last week. i promise more pictures next time... my mother in law's got like a 112... i only have like 7.


MEGAN said...

I LOVE the proud big sister bounding in to help at 6 am.
One day at a time, you can do it!

Tee said...

Yay!!!!!! So excited to read about this new chapter.

Jen Schlenker said...

great update, keep it coming ;)

Jen Schlenker said...

and i love you all!!! kisses from me to the kiddos!

ganyofamily said...

Congratulations!! She is precious. I sure enjoy having three and while there was definitely a point at which I was nervous about being able to give everybody what they need from me, I am surprised at how quickly we all adjusted and started feeling fairly normal, capable and content. I hope the same goes for you all and wish you many sweet moments with our new baby girl and her big bro and sis.

Linda Z said...

Oh, this brings back many, many memories!

Congratulations, Holly! Tali is a beautiful little girl! :)