Monday, March 9, 2009

guilty pleasure

my husband loves a good magazine. since i've known him (11 blissful years), he's had subscriptions 0ff and on, including surfer, surfing, surfers journal, this old house, dwell, good housekeeping (just kidding), and most recently sunset (not kidding, but still a bit queer). when these arrive i typically toss them aside, or find myself flipping through them once in a great while.

b on the other hand devours them.

some people just really get into it.

i'll never forget when my dad told me that he spends $1200 a year on magazine subscriptions (yeah that's US dollars, and he's kind of a bad ass architect and they like expensive things). i guess i like to think of myself as above magazines- i reserve these eyes for only great works of fiction... yet whenever i find myself at erin or lealah's house i'm hot on their copy of us weekly or people. i know i'm a bit of an information junkie. i look forward to thursdays... i get to lil's preschool about 10 mins early, let oz out of his car seat to wander around the van and crack open the new new times. if there's a newspaper lying around, i'll get goin on it, i breeze through blogs like vodka tonics and i've even been known to read my bible without ceasing (i'm really striving to get back to that place).

yet i just can't seem to 'subscribe' to a magazine. last year i somehow started getting parents or parenting magazine (i guess cause i ordered diapers or something). anyhow all it was was a bunch of fear mongering. 'influenza H- what your family needs to know,' 'what's lurking under your toddlers fingernails?' b loathed tuesdays when they'd come, cause he knew that night i'd be overcome with fear about hep b or whatever they threw at me.

when i started getting that white flap on my last six magazines saying, 'renew now! this is your last one!' i obviously never did.

yet there was one magazine i'd been wanting for awhile.


the few i'd seen had some really good articles. not your typical panic stuff, but really insightful, interesting articles. so this christmas i asked for it, and lo and behold yesterday my first one came. like any good mom, i turned on charlie and lola for the kids and started reading. suddenly i found myself in a new level of enlightenment. having thoughts like, 'spending $200 for a date night is totally normal,' or 'i really think a club med vacation would be a great fit for our family,' or 'perhaps the mercedes GL450 really is the safer choice.'


no, no, no! how far i have fallen. i don't live in a manhatten peit-tere (sp?). i'm not coveting my bf's nanny, and i can't afford madonna and gwenyth's trainer.

i live in los osos.
i drive a eurovan.
MDO is my gym.

yet every time i pick it up, i fall prey.

so i'm curious, what do you wait at your mailbox for with baited breath?


Dave and Kristal said...

I love cooking light. I never read the fitness or travel sections anymore (just look at the pics) thats what having a newborn does. But i love to cook and try new things so its great for good ideas. Also the Potty Barn catalog- not that I can afford the stuff just really like the style and dream.

zaiahbird said...

i stopped my cookie subscription for all the reasons you stated. I have both parents and parenting. one is better than the other. i can't remember which but they do instill a grip load of fear. The best i think is wondertime which you've read at my house. it's for the more common folks. lots of good long articles and things not so out of my league.

Soderin Family said...

haha, i laugh at cookie for the same reasons!!

i love getting personal letters of any kind. my grandma just sent a card today with a sweet note and "treat" money. it brightened my day. so thoughtful!!

i don't suscribe, but i can read people magazine front to back in the blink of an eye. i love it!

mom/popfoote said...

If it's not too late to chime in I have to let you guys in on the mag WORLD. Yes it's a christian magazine, reformed guys writing articles. But I have to say very well written and they cover things like Africa that you don't hear about.
i also subscribe to health because I had to support Jez's school and thought there would be inspiration.

lynn said...

My 71 year old widowed neighbored started getting Cookie from out of the blue. I now find it in my mailbox once a month - it's totally out of my league, but I do like reading it. A fave for sure is People - but I had to stop taking it from Eric's work b/c I became obsessed...really obsessed.

Davenports said...

Jeremy here. Cookie is a joke. Wondertime has really sweet and funny stories, and good music reviews! Try it before you choke down another cookie.

si said...

I'm there with B and your dad. I love magazines. Wife gets Cookie and I love reading it for all the reasons you just stated. I write letters to the editor praising them sarcastically for all the bling I can now buy my wife and kids. They do have great photos however. I think a subscription is one of the cheapest out there, yet they want me to buy Wife diamond studded stilettos for $500. I'm almost tempted cause that would be so awesome to see.

My subscriptions, past and present: Metropolis, Metropolitan Home, Dwell, Communication Arts, Paper, Architectural Record, Wallpaper, Surfer, Surfer's Journal. I think that's it. B should check out Metropolis.

kris pollard said...

as husband said, i get cookie...for free. i was into it for about 2 months and now it gets about 3 minutes of my time before it hits the recycle bin. gosh that sounds really wasteful- maybe i should cancel it. that's the only mag i get. but i do get excited on thurs-sun. when the newspaper arrives on our driveway. i don't read that either, except for browsing the sports and real estate sections. instead, i'm all about the crossword and sudoku puzzle. i dig the brain exercise.

erica said...

I get Cooking Light, Goodhousekeeping, Redbook and Time. Husband gets Car & Driver, GQ & Penthouse.

The Calamond Connection said...

I (Cort) look forward to Mothering Magazine and was bummed after I subscribed and found out there are only 9 or 10 issues put out each year. I have to admit I googled Cookie b/c I'd never heard of it and almost all the comments mentioned it - Willits sure is behind the times...=) I get Parenting and Parents too and love to read them for their pure entertainment value. Matt looks forward to his Backpacker mag and National Geographic.

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