Tuesday, February 24, 2009


(the relevance ends after the facebook bit)

if this video in any way depticts what i'll become, count me out.

so whats the deal with facebook anyway. everyday when i check my email i read, "---- has added you as a friend on facebook." then some kind of scare tactic like, "if you don't respond that they are your friend we will fill your pillow with cow manure."
naturally, i promptly delete it.

i'm not trying to boycott or hate. i just don't understand it. at one point i must've made a profile or something, cause i just went there and logged in.

it was there that i saw like 53 people practically begging to be my friend. to be honest, it kind of felt like high school again. heh.

i recently overheard someone say that they don't even check blogs anymore, that facebook is soooo much better- expedient even. i even have one friend who had to resign herself to only check it after her kids go to bed! can i really open myself up to such an addiction?


am i really so out of the loop?

call me old fashioned, but i really like the blog. maybe its just because i like to hear myself talk. i feel like with facebook its just to easy. like how hard is it to answer, "what are you doing right now?" with the blog at least there's some originality. with the blog all you got is a blank page... you bring the magic.

who knows...

but my question for you is should i succumb?

to facebook or not to facebook, that is the question.


Mama G said...

I recently joined facebook. My first impression was that it was creepy how your business becomes everyone else's business. Then I realized that i could lay low and just stalk other people- not in a good, wholesome bloggy way, but informative nonetheless. I find it entertaining, but probably spend WAY too much time on there. I'll be your friend if you join but I'll leave the manure out of your pillow if you don't ;)

The Avilas said...

HOlls. I just use it to find people that I lost touch with a long time ago. Then I can redirect them to my blog. I am not an addict, but I do like to hear from friends I haven't seen in 10 years.


leah-prendez said...


facebook is fun. i'm not hooked on it like my crack addiction (luckily). you should get it so lily and i can IM since we can't text each other quite yet. love the letter and tell her we will have to have another play date really soon!


si said...

I say I'm not hooked, but it's probably just denial. I don't like that FB uses the word "friend," but I don't know what the alternative would be. It really is like high school in that regard, however we're all grown up now. I set boundaries for who I'm friends with. I've probably ignored more friend requests than I've accepted and I really don't care how big my friend total is.

I'm more fascinated by what people are doing that I never really knew, or thought I knew. It's no replacement for a good blog entry, but I've gotten in touch with a handful of friends that I would have hated to have never heard from again. Now it's nice to know what they're up to periodically. Don't take it so seriously. It's not that big of a deal. Just stay away from MySpace.

Jenny Schlenker said...

do both :)

Soderin Family said...

i think bogging is more "me" centered and facebook is more about getting in touch with other people. plus, who has time to blog anyway!?

get facebook! it saves on your texting bill.