Saturday, March 1, 2008


overheard in the kitchen yesterday...

lily- "daddo, can you tell me a story about barbie?"
brandon (half listening)- "what, a story about who?"
lily- "barbie daddo. tell me a story about barbie!"
brandon- "lil, i don't know any stories about barbie."
lily (pause, pensive)- "well, maybe we could pray to jesus and you could learn a story about barbie and tell it to me."

so, you tell me. are we doing something right or what?!

oh, and in other barbie requests--- as i was getting dressed the other day, lily told me she wanted a "barbie bra." hmmm. all this coming from a girl who doesn't even own a barbie... or a bra for that matter.

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Shelley Blackwell said...

Hey Holls,
You make us laugh out loud reading your blog. Can't wait to for the next story...but hey where are the pics of your new kitchen? Not to get picky on you or anything.

love to you and the fam.
the blackwell's