Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a timely update

i was to victorious. the lure of the jelly's has ended. though brief, it was quite fervent. i started to become suspect when slowly she started wanting to wear the red shiny shoes and "bring the jelly's just in case." so for a good solid week, the jelly's rode in the van just waiting for their time to shine. unfortunately that time never came. we are 100% back to ol red. the one thing i've learned about my daughter through this is that she is on her way to being a true connoisseur of shoes. any woman (of which i am not) who truly adores shoes, knows that you don't buy to wear, you buy to have. and so it seems, she will be a pure, unadulterated lover of shoes.


kris said...

has she seen the charlie and lola episode about lola's favorite "red, shiny shoes"? my neice came over yesterday wearing pink jellies...and pig tails. it was too cute. how's the kitchen coming?

Shelley Blackwell said...

Hi Holls,
Lils cracks me up... I miss you guys but love to read your blog. Can't wait to see pics of the kitchen. We missed you in San Diego. Hopefully we'll be able to make it up to the Central Coast this summer. Biz is still slow here but hoping it picks up soon.

Danielle Vargas said...

You would be proud of me...

Today I bought Wcylef Jean's Selena and rocked out.

I was just dropping by to let you know that you inspired me. :)

Holls said...

kris-haven't seen that charlie and lola, we really only have one dvd of them so we are pretty sheltered. kitchen is looking good, really going to post pics soon!

shelley- missed you to.. can't wait to see you this summer maybe.

it's good to be latina... thanks for stopping by danielle. look forward to a future post all about the mystery, romance and pure joy of being latina.