Friday, January 25, 2008


let me set the scene...

last sunday night as i'm tucking lily into bed, i decide to lay next to her as i tell her her nighttime story- which always consists of either the story of cinderella or snow white.

me- okay lil, its time to go to bed.
lily- just one more story
me- lil, i already told you three stories, you need to go to sleep
lily- i'm almost three.
me- i know babe- hey would you like to have a princess party for your birthday?
lily- (eyes get real big) yeah!
me- that would be so fun. maybe we could have a princess come
lily- (eyes bursting out of her head)
me- who would you want, snow white, cinderella, maybe ariel or sleeping beauty. what do you think, who would you want to come to your party?
lily- (very contemplative-big decision) ummm
lily- i want the wicked queen.


The Avilas said...


Tell her I will bring Banana-Cream pie!

Just kidding..but I do want to be there:)

Shelley Blackwell said...

Did you ask her why?

Maybe she likes the wicked queens dress better than anyone elses or maybe she wants to help her out of her wickedness.

One things for sure there's never a dull moment with a two and a half year old!

Jennifer Schlenker said...

That is rad! Can I come dressed as the quicked queen? I will make some big nasty moles on my face and long pointy finger nails......

Jennifer Schlenker said...

I mean wicked. I will can come as the dumb queen too.

The Harper Family said...

The wicked queen is scary and powerful that is attractive...there is nothing wrong with wanting the wicked queen but it might make some of the other children cry at the party...

Eli & Mandy Stewart said...

that is so funny! what a little fireball!

Kelly Meirik said...

i know you want constructive feedback Holls but the presentation is just too hilarious!
did you ask why she wanted to wicked queen or would that have gone from bad to worse? at least she'll recognize her sin nature at a pretty early age as you'll be able to talk about it terms of princesses and wicked queens???

Linda Zalamea said...

Very cute! :) What a beautiful new picture of your family... I really like it!

Jamie said...


Love the fiestiness lily has! It was cool to hang with you at suz and leah's the other night. Maybe we'll have more good times at random again. I will see you at julie's this wednesday.