Tuesday, January 1, 2008

the boss turns 1

to think that one year ago i spent the better part of the day lightly laboring till about 9 pm when things picked up. got to the hospital about 10:30 and 12:46am oliver cain rodgers came forth with much, much pain. we missed the new years baby by a mere 46 minutes. oh well.

i know i spend a lot of time writing about lily, call it the firstborn, call it my baby girl, call it her age, call it just her... whatever the case may be she preoccupies quite a bit of my thought life. sometimes i wonder if that's a good thing.
but tonight as i reflect on a year with my son i feel an upwelling of sheer joy and pride. his little smile, his deep brown eyes, his belly laugh... his little existence is such a breath of fresh air-an experience or emotion i could never have dreamed up. i really cannot imagine life without him. for whatever reason i have so few concerns or fears about his upbringing, i just feel content each day with him. i pray that this "easiness" will transcend into a well-adjusted, laid back little guy. time will tell.
oz really is still such a little guy, and since he cannot communicate in the way that lily can, a lot goes unnoticed, consequently a lot of the intimacy that i have with her i don't have with him. of course that will change dramatically this next year as he continues to come into his own. and i truly, truly look forward to getting to know him in the way i've come to know lily.
brandon once wrote that lily is his joy, oliver his pride and i, the love of his life.
i'm not sure he could've expressed it any clearer. tonight i undoubtedly feel the same.
so, happy birthday little buddy. you truly are the noor of my eye.


The Avilas said...

Happy Birthday Oz. You really are the highlight of Thursday mornings. I love to see your smile. Can't wait to hear your little voice. Love you buddy!


Nicole Viola said...

He's precious, Holly. Happy Birthday to your little guy!

kristen pollard said...

Happy Birthday Oz! He is so cute; still super mellow huh? not Milo, he is a nut. total opposite of Max- but it is so fun to watch and experience a new and totally different personality develop. We miss you guys. We just moved into our house and are loving all the space and the nice neighborhood. We'd love to have you visit sometime.

Soderin Family said...

Happy Birthday Oliver! It has been such a blessing watching your family grow over the years. You and Brandon are great parents and your love for both Lily and Oliver is beautiful.
Love you all,

The Harper Family said...

I loved what you wrote about Oz, he is lucky to have you as his mama! Isn't amazing how quickly a year passes....Miss you Em

Kelly Meirik said...

happy belated Oliver! Did you get some yummy cake? It's funny what Brandon said about the joy & pride thing...Bethany's Mom told us that your first is your pride, your second is your joy; maybe I'll come up with a third way because I'm 8 weeks pregnant!

Jennifer Schlenker said...

All I have to say is that Kelly is rad for dropping the bomb on your blog!