Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a quick word

thanks for your responses to my first 2 posts, most of you emailed me directly, but i would love it if you posted it on my blog... I changed the setting, so you don't have to sign in- you can be anonymous if you want... wooo. also, this last post- a baby girl- is just our experience, generally we are not the norm, so i hope no one is offended by it- raising kids is an intense thing regardless of gender... this is just where we personally are at. I would love to hear your experience with this whole gender thing... please post- lets get this party started- or next time I'll have to write something real controversial to get people to respond... hee hee.

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Anonymous said...


I am having a hrad time imagining myself as a parent at all. A son, or a daughter, it is a huge resposibility. I think about London and how we have the responsibility to show him how to treat girls like Lily...with respect and honor. That is enough for me to say..."stay in there little guy, it is safer!"
I respect and LOVE your honesty.
Love ya-Jenn Avila