Tuesday, September 7, 2010

now i wish this was called webster

i know i've been a bit out of the loop lately. you'll have to trust me... i have been writing. i really have. and i'm super excited to share with you more about what's been happening with me (as if that's more possible, right?) anyway, its gonna be a bit longer. but i think you'll like it. i really do.

in the meantime, i'm getting back to some tickled to meet you tuesdays... or wednesdays, or whatever day i can get it out.

now that school's in full swing, i've been thinking a bit about my own school days. i remember each year i turned a year older, my dad upped my curfew about a half hour. this proved to be very effective for all the tv i watched. now thursdays, i could watch the cosby show, and a different world. exciting stuff huh?!

but i'm not gonna bore you with my psycho-analysis on why the cosby show could've been the greatest show of all time. instead, we are going to focus on a one hit wonder that aired every monday night on nbc for 4 sweet years.

one word.


no, that's not what he looked like, i just couldn't resist

i just **googled** the show and got waaay more information about it than i could've ever wanted on wikipedia. now i feel not only embarrassed, but overwhelmed at the depth behind a funny puppet dude. i'm kind of starting to wonder if vicki was even real after reading this. all i know is i definitely side with this quote... 'fusco (the puppeteer) was secretive about his character up until the series premiere. during the shows production, fusco refused to acknowledge that the puppet ALF was anything other than an alien. all involved with the production were cautioned not to give away any of ALF's secrets.'
that's pretty hard core. i love a good thespian who won't break character.

then i read this quote, 'cast interviews since the show ended have revealed a few details about making the series: to make room for the puppeteers, the entire set was built on a raised platform with dozens of trapdoors in the floor. the trapdoors had to be reset multiple times, sometimes during a single scene, forcing them to shoot each episode over the course of several hours and without a studio audience.'
imagine spending an afternoon at one of those tapings...

and then this, 'the production of ALF was technically difficult and demanding. all four lead actors – Max Wright (Willie Tanner), Anne Schedeen (Kate Tanner), Andrea Elson (Lynn Tanner) and Ben Hertzberg, also known as Benji Gregory (Brian Tanner) – have conceded a high level of tension on the set.'
surprise, surprise.

which didn't shock me when i finished with this, 'in the series finale ALF is about to be rescued by
other survivors of his home planet, but is instead captured by the American military, and the viewer is left to ponder ALF's ultimate fate. this was not supposed to be the finale, as the original airing ended on a "To Be Continued" note. the producers supposedly had a verbal agreement with NBC to get at least one more episode to resolve the cliffhanger. NBC never made good on the deal, and the series was canceled. however, the story was concluded in the TV-movie project ALF.'

so i know that's way more information than you ever wanted to know about that fuzzy buddy. but after all this, i now know that if i had to choose one fictional character i would adopt into my extended family, it would definitely be ALF. simply because ET is so 1982, and vicki is a total freak-- even if she is now an OB nurse and went to college with one of my friends.

so with that said, i wanna know, which fictional character would you choose to adopt into your extended family to make gatherings more interesting?

oh and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna get this tattoo...

**do yourself a favor and do not google image ALF. its pretty intense.**


Brandon said...

Punky. Duh?!

Anonymous said...

Loved ALF. We even own season 1, maybe even 2?

Robin Z

Sobriety Checkpoint said...

I always wanted the talking tea set on Beauty and the Beast! How fun would it be at a dinner party if your plated talked....and I'm totally googling ALF!

lynn said...

That tattoo is sick - and I don't mean cool.

We could use a little Mary Poppins around here in so many ways.

Oh, and I didn't comment on your kinder post, but seriously loved reading your sweet words!

The Calamond Connection said...

Definitely the Fraggles from Fraggle Rock. I loved that show when I was a kid.