Friday, January 2, 2009

who needs a blog when you have a husband?

gosh after a full months break of blogging you'd think i'd be posting some crazy cool pictures, or the little film i created with my new christmas present. but unfortunately the pictures have been usurped by the film, and the film is lost somewhere in between my hard drive and cyberspace. so much for that.

much has happened. i'll start with the basics. christmas eve at the madonna inn-always a good time for all. christmas day at our house with my parents, my in laws, the kids, great grandma and uncle dustin proved to be delightful. besides the mountains of presents (we actually had to take a break from opening) and then not even opening all of them (which proved to be strategically genius when you realize your sons birthday really is a week after christmas) we all made out with some good shiz. so what if oz's bday presents were wrapped in santa wrapping right? tis the season.
so after the inlaws, uncle d, and great grandma left we welcomed my brother. even though he was without his better halfs (wife, and super cute daughter) we managed to have some real quality time with him and my dad. most of it was spent drooling over b's new rc helicopter (which you would've seen in the film). it's proved to be hours of entertainment for my little engineer- and he hasn't even taken it apart yet!
the kids seriously made out on christmas, between both sets of grandparents we pretty much tackled the aisle of toys at costco, plus an 8ft trampoline (no its not awkward in our tiny backyard), a new skuut, and a train table that we haven't even opened. from my little pony, to barbie, to tonka helicopters we are pretty much ready to open a daycare. its scary, but i think i'm starting to rival this toy mama.

the sunday after christmas i was dreading b going back to work.. but then i remembered he had the whole week off! i realized that b and i have never been home together longer than 3 days in a long time. whenever he has time off, we go on vacation, or up to his folks house- but a whole week at home with my husband... it was too good to be true! i went off on lily's room- got it totally organized, cleaned the hall closet, b tackled the pantry, i got my 3 real estate tests passed! we ran, we hiked, we ate sees candy. it was dreamy to say the least.

saw marley and me on new years day, fell back in love with our dog (for the day at least). movie was great- how can you go wrong with owen and jen- they're like the dream team. i'd read the book, it was cute, but i thought the movie was better. its def more of a story about a family- and seriously the part where she takes the second baby home was so crazy right- it was almost as if they'd gotten the script by being in my house the last year. lets just say i'm looking forward to the bit that takes place in the snow!

and of course we can't forget today- the boss turned 2! we had a little party for him at the kids museum. super mellow, just some cupcakes and playing- was a blast. i'll expound more on that later...

so now i've got just 2 more days till b goes back to work.. sniff sniff. but then he's off again thurs and we leave friday for our trip eeeeeeeek!
i'm kinda freaking out. i'll leave it at that.

well, it was short but sweet- wanted to get this out so y'all knew i was still around. will update more soon! but wanna know, what was your favorite christmas present this year?


zaiahbird said...

seriously why do i not hate you for having it so good??? i've asked ben that question before (like yesterday). I was thinking and thinking and i think it's because you have such an amazing heart. You're such a good friend, thoughtful, careing, and extremely generous. That's why i can't hate you at all...i actually love you very much. There i said it. I'm in love with holly rodgers!

Kelly Meirik said...

can't wait to hear about your trip holls. my favorite present was from my parents---they are going to pay for a babysitter on Friday mornings--- indefinitely...until I don't feel so overwhelmed. Isn't that so sweet. SO Miss Jeana comes from 9-12 on Friday mornings so I can do what I need to do.

Davenports said...

love husbands being home...that's the best present of all, huh? just sitting around in pjs watching the kids roll around on the really is like heaven.
cute update, holly! can't wait to hear about your trip! good luck!

Soderin Family said...

hope you guys are having a great time in mexico!! we saw marley and me last night and loved it! BUT i have to say i thought the book was better. both definitely made me cry.

see you soon!