Tuesday, July 31, 2007

lily's lingo

Just thought I'd fill you in on some of lily's expanding vocabulary these days. For starters lily is truly a richmond- much like her pop pop (my dad) she abbreviates everything. we thought it was funny when she started calling macaroni and cheese- mac mac, or Dustin- dust, or mimi -mims, or nana- nan, but then we realized it went even further- using abbreviations for things we never have. Like the other day she said "i want some wad (water)," or "mama- the tubs are on (teletubbies)" or "i'm going to presk today (preschool)." Sometimes it feels a little out of control.

while we're on it- some other cute things she's said lately...

-"mama, i want ketchup. i like ketchup, not mustache (mustard)"

-while we were at the beach she turns to me and says, "ohh i'm so starving. brrr, i'm so starving" as she reaches for her sweatshirt i realize she meant to say freezing.

- this one happens a lot- every time i get dressed she practically begs me to wear a dress or high heels. the other day i had put a skirt on and came downstairs. when she saw me her eyes lit up and she said, "mama, you look like a beautiful princess!"

-out of blue while driving yesterday she just blurts out, "i'm pretty adorable"

-my favorite- yesterday we ran into someone i hadn't seen in awhile, while i was talking to her, lily was in the shopping cart- when she realized there was a little girl (the woman's daughter) right below the shopping cart, she leans over and says in a real sweet voice, "well, who's this little one?"


max pollard said...

wow, actually that's amazing!

The Avila's said...

holls-that is amazing. she is so adorable. i can just picture her saying all of that in her sweet voice. what a precious girl. she is so funny. makes being a mommy even more fun!

Anonymous said...

I love that little girl! Holls, you are quite the abbreviator yourself.


Anonymous said...

I'm laughing out loud as I'm reading the quotes to Eric. So funny. A little character for sure. Can't wait for our two to hang out. - lynn