Thursday, December 20, 2007


the above video is what i think jamming is.

i guess i'll never understand it. for those of you that know me, you know that i'm not exactly musically inclined. despite the bulk of my friends being lovers of music... you will not find me scanning old vinyl at boo boo's or pre-ordering kanye's new cd, and you def will not hear me singing, let alone playing any sort of musical instrument.

perhaps you could trace it back to my childhood. i'm sure my parents (like all parents) loved to say, "she's so musical!" yeah, like what kid doesn't start moving and smiling when music comes on. despite my general apathy, i do recognize it is a beautiful thing.

it could have began in those early elementary days when i was blacklisted to the triangle. i think once in fourth grade when it was an option to "be in the band," i toyed with idea of picking up the sax, or was it the flute? fast forward to sixth grade- my friends and i (by default) always had the radio tuned to sly 96- for all of the day's hits. everyone would be talking about the new kids, and hammer, sir mix a lot... i even remember when my dad took me to the warehouse to buy my first cd- i thought it was a pretty big deal as he slid across the $15 bucks for the new (perhaps only?) young mc. and of course, the big concerts at the mid-state fair. i was there screaming my head off with the rest of em... boyz to men, montell jordan... (you get the picture)

i also recall a young teenager locked in her room as she listened to her brothers too short cd- and being absolutely terrified, disgusted and enthralled all at the same time.

yet as the high school days passed and my superficial taste for music continued to wane... i saw my friends becoming increasingly interested... they were always talking about the latest songs, and some to my amazement were even in a band! then i entered college, where it was really cool to be into something called "indy" music- i don't even know if that's how you spell it... and you didn't go to concerts anymore... you went to "shows." i think it was around this time, i stopped even trying to pretend to be interested. i found kjug and the dial hasn't changed.

yet i do admit, every once in a while i find myself so intrigued by this music thing.. especially those that play it. the other night i happened to find myself at the clubhouse in los osos... (i really wish i could tell you more about this osos hot spot- but its kind of on the dl..) so anyway, we walk up, forgetting that its a friday night (cause all days are the same when you have kids, and all nights are the same when you live in los osos). we walk up to discover that there is "live music." wow! i guess that's supposed to be a good thing. anyway amidst a firestone (on draft) and some good missionary talk with zurby and lealah, i find myself absolutely captivated by these two guys playing music. i've seen this before many times... it happens when no one is singing and the guys are just playing their instruments- and they are just sooo in the zone-- just jamming i guess. but i guess it's the look on their faces- it's like what they are creating is so powerful and passionate - like they're just going to burst with joy. so in my little finite mind, i'm trying to liken it to something i've experienced- like draining a 3 at the buzzer, or giving birth... or if we're along those lines... sometimes it almost seems like it could be as good as sex.

so all you musicians- could you shed some light on this for me... cause if its anything like those above things... i just might have to pick it up- any openings for the triangle out there?